Event: A thousand reasons to indulge in Thousand Teas

How well do you know your tea? It was a memorable learning experience appreciating the different flavors and cultures of tea at Thousand Teas in Mezza Residences, Sta.Mesa Manila last weekend with blogger friends and Mr. Gilbert Jim. Tables adorned with tea leaves and dried flowers that make tea full of flavor, racks filled with decors of cups and tea leaves in cans and a counter full of choices, Thousand Teas will get your tea experience to bliss. 
We started listening to the proprietor of Thousand Teas, Mr. Gilbert Jim talk about how the culture of tea drinking started in history to the discussion on the different names of tea leaves popular to the world. Dried leaves boiled in water especially herbs does not necessarily mean accepted as tea according to tea connoisseur Mr. Jim who showed to us how white (bud and top three leaves) is different from green and black named differently by countries and cultures worldwide. It is the same tree but the climate and the latitude/altitude of the area where tea leaves are grown creates different textures, flavors and aroma of teas. 
I've heard and learned the same discussion on different tea houses through the years but what makes Mr. Jim's Thousand Teas special was his demo of the different tea preparation from different countries exuding his love for this respected and renowned healthy beverage worldwide. Tea compared to other beverage is rich in antioxidants and was primarily a medicine and potent beverage before it became a habit and a tradition. And he meant exquisite to observe and promote the health benefits of tea drinking by offering tea in two sizes, regular and double (served in a pitcher steeped fresh from your table with limitless supply of water for your drinking pleasure). Distinct from all the other tea places are his machines that steep tea leaves for milk tea-based drinks and smoothies, his wonderful and really delicious pasta and sandwiches infused with tea leaves and his colorful, fresh and healthy presentation of tea with fruits and mint leaves for the pleasure of tea lovers.
Mr. Jim had taught me and other bloggers to love and appreciate more the tea leaves powered with history and culture of the tea variants available worldwide. Learning the culture of Puerrh Tea and how it was prepared and made before sipping it makes you appreciate the different colors of tea in your cup. It is not just leaves we have grown to appreciate. It is history and it is a culture we can develop to remind us how we value the importance of our health and our culture as Filipinos. 
These and more than a thousand reasons why we should pay a visit at Thousand Teas. I really enjoyed that Bolognese Pasta and Crabstick Sandwich with my choice of Oolong Black Milk Tea. I can't wait to visit to have some of their Iron Goddess in double size so I can also enjoy them with fruits while having a meeting with friends at Thousand Teas. Have a Frubble with a Scone with your loved one Thousand Teas at Mezza Residences, Sta. Mesa, Manila.