Event: #CamayPhilippines is back with Romantique Rose, Dynamique Grapefruit and Creme Vanilla

The soap for beautiful women is back. P&G Beauty surprised us all with the comeback of the well-loved iconic beauty bar Camay at the Opus Restobar last Thursday. Hosted by P&G Beauty Ambassador Daphne OseƱa-Paez along with Mr. World-Philippines 2012 Andrew Wolfe and Ms. World-Philippines 2012 Gwendolyn Ruais, the exclusive event allowed guests to experience scents of vanilla, rose and grapefruit at booths designed for the event before revealing the brand. The new scents of attraction apparently had distinct effects on the body aside from what we have all known perfumes/scents to be the secret of women in luring men.
It was surprising to learn that Vanilla improves your memory and reminds you of happy childhood memories. I also thought of my pillows when I was young after sniffing the scent from our table. It calms and refreshes your memory and it gave me ideas to prescribe Camay's Creme Vanilla to my students especially when taking exams. Dynamique Grapefruit gives the illusion that you are six years younger and it can actually be a great scent for women my age and older because it is a light and refreshing smell that will remind you of summer and bright sunny day. Camay's Romantique Rose almost made me cry upon remembering my own mom's scent. It is a very feminine scent that will enhance a romantic mood. I remember that scent from my mom's uniform when I was young and I missed her more. Since 1926, Camay had been known all over the world as the soap of attraction and with the new scent, it will send you inspiration to stay on the bathroom longer. Scents bring women confidence and I am happy that P&G Beauty brought Camay back to the Philippines. Available in Beauty Bar Php14.00 (55g) and Php25.00(80g) and Body Wash Php70.00(200ml), Camay's Scents of Attraction will get all moms crazy starting January 1, 2013. Camay had been a popular beauty soap of the beauty queens in the 80s. Present during the event were former beauty queen and current tv show host Camay girl, Sabrina Artadi, Ms. Cessca Litton and Lindsay Custodio-Platon. Who would you prefer to the be the next celebrity endorser of Camay's Scent of Attraction? Visit http://www.pgbeautyscience.com/home.php for more information.