Event: Suddenly It's Magic, a timely, feel-good movie

If the previous blogcon about the latest Star Cinema's offering Suddenly It's Magic featured Mario Maurer on Skype, he was a real hearththrob in person together with the complete cast in the grand presscon last week at the Dolphy Theater. 
Present during the event were Direk Rory B. Quintos, Erich Gonzales, Joross Gamboa, Ces Quesada, Dinky Doo, Joy Viado, Cacai Bautista and Guji Lorenzana. Asia's Sweetheart Erich Gonzales seated just a row far apart from where we sat was such a doll so friendly enough to give us opportunity for a photo op with her and Thai hearththrob Mario Maurer we have all grown to love since his movie "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". Questions were thrown to each of the cast on their experiences making this feel-good movie about an actor from Thailand who meets a cupcake/cake baker Erich Gonzales playing Joey Hermosa in the movie.
Being the foreigner in the cast, Mario Maurer was like his interviews and TV guestings in the Philippines showed sincerity and humility in his answers which the majority found so relatable.  He was so handsome like his attitude which may also be the reason for the "kilig" of all teens and all girls here and abroad. Mario developed the heart to appreciate Filipinos even learning to speak some of the Filipino expressions unheard and uncommonly spoken by some international artists. Since the grand presscon where he brought me laughing so hard when he tried to imitate how Pinoys spoke "ansabeh", he continues to surprise me on what Filipino words he will try to utter again. I've read all the reviews and stories from media friends who were able to attend the premiere and like what they've all said, its crisp clear images and sceneries of the Philippines' and Thailand's best spots with a feel-good romantic love story with no mature undertones, it's a recommended movie sure to entertain those who seek love or those who wants to revive the feeling. I'm already so excited to watch Mario Maurer and Erich Gonzales guest at GGV(Gandang Gabi Vice) where I saw him utter "ang chaka mo" from the teaser of its episode tomorrow. Watch Suddently It's Magic because of all great movies to watch, a feel-good romantic love story like this will make you want to fall in love all over again. Suddenly It's Magic is now showing at all theaters nationwide.