Event: A sip of steeped not brewed SIP Milk Tea is real

If you think tea should be bitter, then you have not enjoyed real tea at its finest. We STEEP, we don't brew (brewing is bad for tea). These words from SIP Milk Tea's owner John Qy left me wondering if I have drunk enough milk tea to enjoy tea last week at SIP Milk Tea Farmers Cubao Quezon City with fellow bloggers.
Frustrated about drinking powdered milk tea from different shops all over the metro, John Qy thought of making his own real traveling as far as India and China and studying all types of tea leaves to make his own authentic for all to enjoy. SIP Milk Tea steeps tea not brew them using real tea leaves he personally buys in different parts of the globe. He taught us all how milk tea is based from green tea leaves and black (assam) tea leaves fresh steeped. He even showed us the tea leaves and showed us how important it is for diners to see how their beverage is made.
What do they have for customers that others do not? Cheesecake Tea which has real cheesecake on top and refreshing and fruity tea on the bottom with your choice of flavors made from real tea leaves. They also have Mezteazos which is a combination of green tea and black tea leaves brew in one to excite the tongue on which particular taste is the green or the black, quite a feat actually for tea lovers. 
They also have Chappuccino and delightful treats to die for like this mouth-watering Honeycomb Waffle. Not too sweet yet chewy and soft crunch on each bite, Chicken Chop - breaded breast chicken meat with spicy and tasty flavor, a perfect match for any type of milk tea at SIP. They also have Fried Veggie Lumpia and Fried Siomai for those wanting a light snack with their milk tea. 
If that's enough to make you sip SIP, well it's time to ask John Q personally what's best to try for that day. There's always something new at SIP and a sip of SIP Milk Tea may just be what you need to get off that stress that day. John is one tough nut to crack on the secrets but he'd crack you jokes and even exchange trade tips on other business topics while you sip his SIP. I'd love to go back for more of that Honeycomb Waffle and more of their Mango Mezteazo next time. For more information, visit www.idloveasip.com, like their FB Page https://www.facebook.com/sipmilktea and follow them on Twitter @sipmilktea.