Event: A Madagascar Christmas Adventure at SM Fairview

Christmas is for kids and even the young-at-heart will not let a Madagascar Christmas Adventure pass. SM City Fairview unveiled its Madagascar Christmas Adventure last Saturday (in celebration of Madagascar 3 video release) with very special guests. Hosted by Divine Lee, the event featured performances and mascots inspired by the movie "Madagascar" by Dreamworks Animation. Who would not love the zebra, the lion and giraffe? I love the penguins and they are for me the most adorable creatures on the planet. But the most famous of them all, the lemurs were also present entertaining us at SM Fairview last week together with other special guests Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte, Former Senator Anna Dominique Coseteng and other Quezon City Councilors along with celebrity, Michael V who stayed even after the guests had left for photo ops with the crowd.
It was a spectacular unveiling of the Madagascar Christmas Adventure introducing the mascots that SM Fairview flew in from abroad to make children happy this Christmas. The event area was filled with zones that children can enjoy along with the giant Christmas Tree which hung teddy bears available for purchase.
Santa Claus was also there giving gifts to the kids from Autism Society of the Philippines and onlookers and mall-goers also had fun receiving presents. Together with the kids, I really enjoyed the songs and the dances performed that night commemorating what SM malls' tradition during Christmas, the joy of giving. The mommies started enjoying the sale while children enjoyed the Madagascar Christmas Adventure at the event area. These days, we don't need to spend so much money going so far places to bring joy to our kids and SM Fairview had made it so convenient for everyone showcasing different interactive zones at the Madagascar Christmas Adventure Park. Everyone can have a photo taken with the statues, the mascots and the facade for free while enjoying this season of gift-giving at SM Fairview. I like to "Move It, Move It" and the song stayed in my head and kept me dancing the whole week. Give a teddy bear from SM Fairview this Christmas and help organizations like Autism Society of the Philippines gain funds from the purchase. For more information, visit http://www.smsupermalls.com and like their FB Page https://www.facebook.com/SMCityFairview and follow them on Twitter @smcityfairview for more updates.