Event: Figaro's 2012 Latte Art Competition winners

Cheers for the coffee and the art. On its 4th year, Figaro, the first Filipino coffee company conducted its 2012 Latte Art Competition last week and announced its newest competition among its employees with a Barista Cup at Figaro Emerald Ortigas branch
To my surprise, I was asked to judge the said 2012 Latte Art Competition which last year brought so much fun learning how to create latte art in those tiny coffee cups. With me in the panel of judges were last year's champion Ernani Villasino, 6th Philippine Grand Barista Cup Champion Lorenzo Tandico, Arjay Francisco from Figaro QA Dept. and Figaro's Graphic Designer Rey Olarte. Out of the 26 contestants which came from different branches nationwide, ten were selected to compete in the final round. 
It was difficult judging the top ten because they have all determined to win and their creations were flawless. I can't recall which was done by who because the numbers did not indicate the names. Since we were five in the panel of judges and time was strictly followed and points were deducted to those who went beyond the 3 minute mark, the results finally revealed this year's Latte Art Champions. Mario Juntila emerged as the Grand Champion, Jayvee Trofeo as the 1st runner-up and MacVincent Dee was hailed 2nd runner-up of the competition.
I don't know about men and their ego but I've proven that men will strive hard to get that bragging rights no matter what's at stake. Some people are born to compete and I've learned so much from the men and women at Figaro that day. 
The best part of it all was when 6th Philippine Grand Barista Cup Champion and Figaro's pride Lorenzo Tandico taught me how to create this beautiful latte art which I will never forget. It takes skill for others learning the pouring and etching in Figaro's tiny cup and I was able to make my own with his supervision. Thank you for the inspiration Figaro and the opportunity to be a judge at 2012 Latte Art Competition with your efforts to boost confidence and productivity among your baristas. Get updates on what's happening at Figaro, visit www.figarocoffee.com, like their FB Page www.facebook.com/figarocoffeecompany and follow them on Twitter @figarocoffee.