Event: Ystilo's Salon #ystylized contest winners reveal and their relaxing Semi Di Lino Hair Treatment

We all deserve to be pampered. Vina Morales' Ystilo Salon with its new logo and design revealed the winners of the FB Page's Ystylized Contest last Sunday with the bloggers. From top to bottom, hair to the nails and complete make-up four winners were given a make-over, Christian, Jeremy, Tanny and Lianne. I was greeted with a smile and a welcome chat with Vina Morales' Mommy Dianne who went along with Ceana, Vina's daughter at Ystilo Salon Greenhills Shopping Center. Looking at the services menu, I was surprised to notice the competitive and affordable prices compared to the high-end and popular salons we frequently visit.
Always the best time to pamper yourselves at anytime of the week, Ystilo Salon offers all types of services including specific hair treatments and nail services not found in other salons in the metro. The first branch familiar to me and nearest to my house was Ystilo Salon Fairview branch which became instantly a hole in the wall in the area because of their excellent services in the from the nails to the hair. 
They have launched a contest on Facebook searching for particular patrons who needs a make-over and from the hundreds who joined, four winners were selected, Jeremy (top photo),  Christian (2nd photo), Tanny (3rd photo) and Lianne (4th solo photo). 
Upon interview on what particular services they have availed before the Ystylized contest, all of them mentioned how particularly comfortable and convenient it had been since their first haircut emphasizing on the staff who made sure that all needs are met and they were so quiet and caring compared to the other salons they have visited. 
After looking at the beautiful faces and the services they have availed, I took the opportunity to try them myself for a more honest opinion. Since I have none that needs salon attention, I became interested with hair services. It was quite foreign to my knowledge what makes powerdose different from a Semi-Di Lino Hair treatment. 
In blue and pink vial bottles, Semi Di Lino Hair treatment was suggested by the staff upon noticing my rebonded hair and the split ends on my hair strands. I got curious and since we were given a free treatment services that day, I joined in together with my blogger friends for a day of pampering make-over.
She shampooed my hair with such scent that's not too strong and it was already relaxing putting me to sleep massaging every corner of my hair strands. I was almost dreaming after the shampoo. When she asked me to transfer to another chair and massaged my scalp with the treatment, that's when I felt completely lost. It was so difficult to be awake because the massage was so good. She said that the treatment may bubble at the end of my hair strands because of too much chemicals used when I had a rebond. While she seemed like a fairy godmother explaining to me how I should take care of my hair after the service, my half-awake, half-asleep eyes noticed the walls decorated with photos of Shaina, Vina and the staff modeling the hair and make-up designs available for all customers of Ystilo Salon
I believe these wall decors of the stars, including Pilita Corrales, who looked flawless and ageless with permed hair and classy make-up on the walls are so effective giving customers ideas on what type of look they will want to achieve for the day. I loved the air-brush make-up and the materials they use are branded with rates so cheap for any one who'd need a bridal or events and occasions make-up of the stars look. It was surprising that their prices are as cheap as those my co-teachers avail from the barangay salon compared to their standards and their status as one of the premier salons in the country. When my friends woke me up for a photo opportunity, I was surprised at my friends screaming saying my look was like a woman's look that's never been touched nor never been kissed. I looked younger and it felt good. I was Ystylized and it gave me more confidence to face the world after. It's always a good feeling to visit an Ystilo Salon and everyone needs to be Ystylized. 
Look, they have promos and you can really save a lot getting the services you need at more than 18 branches of Ystilo Salon nationwide. For more information, visit www.ystilosalon.com or like their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/ystilosalon