Event: She's Only Sixteen releases debut EP with the bloggers

You're at your freshest at sixteen. Four boys of alternative rock band She's Only Sixteen recently released their self-titled debut EP with four tracks and an acoustic version of their first single, "Dying To Meet You" last Tuesday with the bloggers at Centerstage Tomas Morato, Quezon City.
The fun and the memories of barkada and the music that was once inspired these gentlemen back in high school created the passion to share the music forward with "Dying To Meet You". The band, composed of Roberto Sena (lead vocals, guitar) Anjo Silvoza (bass), Andrew Panopio (guitar) and King Puentespina (drums) was recently hailed by Status Magazine as one of the most promising local bands of today. The voice of the lead vocalist may seem big for his age and the upbeat tune will reminisce you of bands created in high school, fast, rock and captivating.
It's the celebration of falling in love for teens with faces sure to send more girls to scream. According to Roberto, their music is about tracing the roots and influences from The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Phoenix, MGMT, Radiohead and other OPM alternative rock bands. 
These good-looking talented boys of She's Only Sixteen are being managed by Orion Entertainment and you can invite them  to your gigs and events by calling 09164140358 or email olrac1023@gmail.com. Add them on FB at www.facebook.com/shesonlysixteen, on SoundCloud at http://soundcloud.com/shesonlysixteen and on Twitter @dyingtotweetyou for more updates and to hear their demo recording of the single "Dying To Meet You". She's Only Sixteen Media Conference is supported by LionhearTV, Pinoy Magazine, Bands Mag and CenterstageKTV Tomas Morato
1. Amygdala
2. Dying To Meet You
3. Mr. Schemer
4. Roll the Dice