Event: Mario Maurer personally chose "Suddenly Its Magic" over other scripts- Vanessa Valdez

Thailand may be a difficult country to make movies because of some strict rules but it came easy for Mario Maurer and Erich Gonzales in Star Cinema's Suddenly It's Magic according to writer of the movie, Ms. Vanessa Valdez. Last week, the bloggers had an opportunity to interview Ms. Vanessa Valdez who shared her experience writing for the movie at ABS-CBN compound. Though it was a short time, Ms. Vanessa Valdez mentioned how easy it was for Mario to relate to the character in the film. According to her, Mario personally reads every detail of the script before approval and of the hundreds of scripts proposed to his manager/mentor, Mario Maurer chose the Philippines' script from personal experiences. It may have been a packaged canned story personalized for the two actors but the delivery became so surprising for the cast. Mario was said to be always greeting every member of the cast and the crew during the shoot in the Philippines and Thailand. For Ms. Vanessa Valdez as the writer of the film, it was so easy to take a back seat as she continually believes that writing for film should be led by the director compared to other genres of writing. In Star Cinema's Suddenly It's Magic directed by Rory Quintos, Ms. Vanessa Valdez mentioned how it was too comfortable for the crew of the movie to work with Mario Maurer, the Thailand's popular heartthrob because he was consistently up and about in all takes and always joining the locals in Ilocos where they shot the film. Showing on Oct. 31, 2012, Star Cinema's Suddenly It's Magic stars Mario Maurer, Erich Gonzales, Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul, Guji Lorenzana, Ces Quesada, Cacai Bautista, Dinky Doo, Joross Gamboa and John Lee in a movie almost about reality of the two characters, Marcus and Joey whose paths crossed by circumstance. An actor who is desperately seeking the true meaning of his life and a cupcake/wedding cake baker whose fate will change when their paths cross. Will the fairy tale of the characters have a happy ending. Writer Vanessa Valdez purposely wrote the script as real as possible veering away from quotable quotes of previous blockbusters we have grown to love. She intended the movie for all the audiences to feel reality in the movie. I'm getting more excited to watch the film after learning more of the wisdom of being a great writer from Ms. Vanessa Valdez. The bloggers conference with Ms. Vanessa Valdez had given me more motivation to be a writer and I can't wait to watch Suddenly It's Magic on Oct. 31, 2012. See you all in theaters and let's not miss the romance we are all searching for! Hats off to Mario Maurer whose attitude is not different from us Pinoys. Congratulations to Star Cinema!