Event: Marina Seafood Oysters Grill celebrates authentic Ilonggo cuisine in its 25th anniversary with Php25 oysters and more!

I've always spelled Ilonggo cuisine as anything Inasal. Well at least, that's what I've been tasting going to Ilonggo restos in the metro. I was proven wrong and reminded of what defines the Ilonggo culinary distinction last Tuesday at Marina Oysters Seafood Grill Metrowalk, Ortigas sampling the best of what Marina offers.
A big plate of baked oysters for Php25? Yup, Marina Oysters Seafood Grill is proud to giveaway a plateful of yummy baked oysters on Oct. 25, 2012 in celebration of their 25 years serving authentic Ilonggo cuisine. Their biggest, juiciest, thickest, freshest and perfectly grilled one inch thick Blue Marlin Steak is at 50%off starting Sept. 25 to November 25, 2012. I went to Marina Oysters Seafood Grill years ago and never knew that they were serving authentic Ilonggo dishes. On its 25th, Marina reintroduces to the public their Ilonggo cuisine pride, serving dishes at their best using original authentic ingredients endemic of the region. 
Take for instance, what should have been the national dish of Filipinos instead of adobo, the Sinigang na Hipon. Marina Oysters Seafood and Grill serves Sinigang na Hipon using Batuan as the sour fruit ingredient instead of the usual sampalok (tamarind) to complement the shrimps and vegetables mix of sweet and salty blend. Batuan, the green round fruit of a forest tree native to the Visayas is also called binukau in Tagalog. It's usually the favorite souring ingredient in most Ilonggo dishes especially KBL (kadyos, baboy, langka) and Dried Paksiw called "Pinamalhan". Compared to the souring ingredient used in household using powdered or fresh tamarind, Batuan is less sour yet fruity complimenting the ingredients used in Sinigang na Hipon. It's sour yet sweet and fruity at each sip of the soup. 
If KBL, Inasal or Pinamalhan may have been originally Ilonggo, how Ilonggo are the other common dishes familiar in other regions and areas in the Philippines? Marina Oysters Seafood and Grill's Kare-Kare may look the usual until you have examined it's texture and Bagoong. The vegetables were not soggy, the meat using ox tongue and pork knuckles was soft and juicy and the soup was thick. Using real ground peanuts as sauce, Ilonggo's pride of Kare-Kare is one that's using the finest ingredients of what it best boasts, no extenders. Their Ilonggo Bagoong was even more surprising using smaller shrimps creating the fine thick texture yet not too salty at each dip. I had no argument when Ilonggos claim they are discerning individuals when it comes to using the finest and best ingredients in dishes, one too distinct yet too decadent difficult for anyone to miss.
The gargantuan dinner at Marina Oysters Seafood Grill ended with a big plate of fresh fruits. It was a culinary trip to Iloilo and it left me wanting for more of their juicy and thick Blue Marlin Steak. The preparation was admirable serving it fresh and smoking hot not losing its sweet fresh juice with the marinade that's truly Ilonggo. I loved that it comes with Green Mango Salad and Bagoong exciting my tongue to the healthy steak indulgence. I will definitely not miss their 25th anniversary on Oct. 25, 2012. Who would want to miss a plate of delicious baked oyster for Php25 only? Visit www.marina.com.ph, like www.facebook.com/marinaoysters and follow them on Twitter @marinaseafoods for more updates. On its 25th anniversary, they are running an FB contest:
Attention to all our loyal customers Marina Oysters Seafood grill is holding a "The most number of taggers" contest in celebration of it's 25th anniversary click the picture for more details. Here are the mechanics to join:
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6. Promo runs until October.25,2012.

See you all at Marina on Oct.25, 2012!