Event: Kabayan Noli De Castro and #CCTVPatrol Bloggers Conference

Empowering Citizen Journalism. ABS-CBN's TV Patrol recently held a Bloggers Conference inviting the bloggers to promote the power of citizen journalism with Kabayan Noli De Castro and the staff of TV Patrol. Although Kabayan Noli was in remote Skype live streaming interview with the bloggers, he was able to enlighten us all on the significance of citizen journalism. ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs Division Chief Ging Reyes was also there with host and TV Patrol Reporters Atom Araullo and Niña Corpuz who explained the mechanics on which video should be broadcast and which should be filtered upon thorough verification. Although we have previously patronized the campaign of Bayan Mo, Ipatrol Mo, a separate segment of TV Patrol reporting what citizen videos show as news segments or what needs attention in a particular community, CCTV cameras mounted in streets and buildings or even mobile phone videos can be sent to ireport@abs-cbn.com or post at www.facebook.com/bayanmoipatrolmo.akoangsimula or tweeted at @bayanmo on Twitter. I remembered the most popular videos captured by CCTV shared on social media and eventually reported at TV Patrol like the murder of a gay doctor in Bacolod and those robbery incidents and shooting scenes. There is a dire need for more of us to be vigilant and be concerned because TV Patrol will help solve the cry for justice by showing them on the program. Not only will they feature crimes and irregularities as Ms. Ging Reyes also mentioned that heroic acts that need to be propagated and promoted to motivate the others to follow will also be shown on CCTVPatrol segment. Kabayan Noli De Castro who may have no Twitter, FB or any social media account pledged to be vigilant and supportive of the bloggers and other citizen journalists during the first bloggers conference last Monday. I hoped that CCTV cameras or some of the individuals were able to capture the murder of my former principal last July because some establishments especially in remote areas were to no avail and up to now, unsolved and still crying for justice. My heart goes out to not just the family of unsolved crimes because of the indifference of the public majority. It may seem odd but the android and camera phones we have today may help solve the injustice we all suffer in the society. We all need to CCTVPatrollers. We all need to participate and report through videos what the majority needs to know. Send your videos through email at ireport@abs-cbn.com or post them on the wall of TV Patrol FB at www.facebook.com/bayanmoipatrolmo.akoangsimula or tweet direct message at @bayanmo on Twitter. Standard verification procedures will follow to ensure the authenticity and truthfulness of the reports. It is time for all of us to love our fellow Pinoys, after all, we are responsible for our fellowmen. Stop yapping and begin the action, now.