Event: Jollibee's new University Floats and Bloggers Battle of the Colors with Gino of RXTMR

Representing your school in a competition is what I've always trained my students for twelve years and it was my first time having the same dose competing with fellow bloggers in Jollibee's new University Floats Battle of the Colors last Wednesday at Jollibee Roosevelt Ave. branch. 
Hosted by the handsome and funny Gino Quillamor of Monster Radio RX 93.1's The Morning Rush, the games started with all of us formed in teams of Blue Berries, Yellow Pine-Orange, Green Honeydew and Red Apple, the newest thirst-quenching University Floats of Jollibee. I was with Aileen Vidad, Marjorie Pineda and Nonoy Floresca in the Red Apple Team. 
Before the games, I had an interesting chat with Gino Quillamor (@ginoboi on Twitter) who was surprisingly skilled in painting using a kiddie draw board we were provided. He told me that he used to be drawing for school activities and though his skills was more on the nature concepts, he found it difficult to draw people so he was not selected back in high school as a cartoonist. He was like all the other kids in school as competitive like the bloggers who would love to show off skills and talent in contests. The games began with questions on music and movies and it was so hilarious that all the bloggers answered even before the choices of answers were given.
It was fun answering the questions I never thought I can answer. It was even more hilarious that my fellow bloggers were laughing out loud at my own answers revealing my age with the type of questions I was able to answer. I remembered how I had to pay P50 compulsory for a UAAP ticket because it was required in PE1 at UP Diliman. I got the answer on what the acronym UAAP stands for because I had no choice but to pay for the ticket back then when UAAP had no following and team spirit among universities were dull and lifeless. It was a genius idea gathering bloggers for a game of simple fun on different areas of interests; music, movies, sports and general knowledge. I fell in love with my team mates in the Red Apple Team and it was fun afternoon I can never forget. The Jollibee University Floats are available for only Php28 (regular) or Php38 for a giant size. Upgrade any regular value meal to Go Float just by adding Php21. I would love to pair Jollibee's classic Spaghetti with Blue Berries, Yumburger with Cheese with Yellow Pine-Orange and Jollibee's Chicken Joy or BBQ with Green Honeydew. Whatever the food is matches any of the Jollibee University Floats. I have grown ideas how to use Jollibee University Floats to some of the students' activities and have fun with it like games we had last Wednesday. The Jollibee University Floats are available in all Jollibee branches nationwide for dine-in, drive-thru or take-out. Also available are the Jollibee Coke, Sarsi, Coffee and my son's fave Chocolate Floats. For delivery, call 8-7000 or visit www.jollibeedelivery.com