Event: Triple Treats at SM Manila invites you to delectable yet affordable dishes at Tokyo Grill by SumoSam, KungFu Kitchen and Seafood Island

An Asian Food Tour that will not destroy your budget happened last week at SM Manila. Media Nation's Marvin Agustin with Raymond Magdaluyo launched the Triple Treats at the 4th level of SM Manila featuring three restaurants: KungFu Kitchen, Seafood Island and Tokyo Grill by SumoSam. Celebrities, VIP guests and media enjoyed the different delectable dishes offered at an affordable price fit for families and friends at SM Manila.
Unforgettable treats include KungFu Kitchen's Piggy Pao and their cheap Xiao Long Bao at Php88/6pcs. It looked so cute and served really hot that you'd want to take a photo first before indulging at this delicious siopao.
KungFu Kitchen also has this Steamed Beancurd with Scallop and Minced Shrimp you'd never forget. The dish reminds me of the steamed soft tofu served in my favorite restaurants minus the worry on the bill because KungFu Kitchen's wide array of dishes are priced to meet the needs of the student majority being regular visitors of the mall. 
Next resto introduced was Blackbeard's Seafood Island, popular for their boodle feast. Boodle we acquired from the military eating in one place with hands to foster cameraderie among friends and families. Seafood Island introduced their new boodle feasts for all foodies to enjoy like  Isko, Mt. Apo, Luneta and Palawan which consists of the best the islands has to offer. We tried their Dagupan Boodle Feast with unforgettable Shrimp Kinilaw, a delicious feat to introduce to foreigners. 
Tokyo Grill by SumoSam featured their wonderful Sizzling Bento which the name suggests, sizzling bento full of wonderful Japanese treats. Best to be shared with your loved one, Sizzling Bento is designed to the hungry pack or simply one glutton feast of a foodie in you. 
 Aside from the feast feat the foodie were performances from XFactor USA finalist duo The Brewer Boys, Duncan Ramos, The Showtime dancers, celebrities who graced the event, Bb. Pilipinas beauty queens,  Icy Mendoza, Divine Lee (who hosted the event for the bloggers), Roselle Nava and other special guests that made every savor of the bite truly worth another visit. It was one of the most memorable food tour we all had and it will surely bring the food critic in you. The restos may seem intimidating with the cozy ambiance but the cost will invite the celebrations and events to gather. The real new hole in the wall is at the fourth level of SM Manila with Tokyo Grill by SumoSam, KungFu Kitchen and Seafood Island defining the Filipino culture in dining. Who said you'd have to spend so much on a sit-down dinner? At KungFu Kitchen, Tokyo Grill by SumoSam and Seafood Island, you'd dine well with families and friends at fastfood prices with perks of the cozy and hip dining ambiance which according to Raymond Magdaluyo, "will give you the authority to complain" at no cost. Try your own Asian Food Tour at KungFu Kitchen, Tokyo Grill by SumoSam and Seafood Island at the 4th level of SM Manila. For more information, visit the FB Pages of Triple Treats at the 4th, Sumosam's Tokyo Grill, KungFu Kitchen and Seafood Island for more details. Visit also www.sumosamfoods.com for more updates.