Event: #TheMistress Bloggers Conference

A love story of a man who fell in love with a mistress is Star Cinema's The Mistress set to set another quotable movie lines on Sept. 12, 2012. John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo, Direk Olivia Lamasan and the writer of the movie had fun answering questions about love and romance with the bloggers last week at ABS-CBN. Directed by Direk Olivia Lamasan starring the love-team comeback of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo, The Mistress is an imperfect love story much awaited with the comeback of another award-winning actress, Hilda Koronel onscreen. 
I've witnessed how Bea and John Lloyd shared how they'd fight for love comparing their characters to their own personal beliefs discussing the movie The Mistress with the bloggers. Everyone I know is anticipating to watch The Mistress and though Direk Olive Lamasan would refute to my belief that every single Filipino family has a mistress story, it was an agreed perfect formula to get people watch this movie in theaters. Perfect with the timeless beauty of Ms. Hilda Koronel as Regina who plays the wife of Ronaldo Valdez as Rico who had Bea Alonzo as Sari Alfonso, The Mistress in the film. 
We have had so many mistress movies in the past and what made this movie distinct from all the types of mistress movies we have all watched is that it tells the story of the man who fell in love with one. Did he get the mistress' love in the end? Shot in the picturesque view of different areas in Cagayan and Tuguegarao City, Star Cinema's The Mistress had a complete formula to get the families understand how true love conquers all. Also starring award-winning actors and actresses, Ms. Anita Linda, Carmi Martin, K Brosas, Tony Mabesa, Gabe Mercado, Minnie Aguilar, Nor Domingo and Clarence Delgado, The Mistress is a story worth the attention of all movie-goers for reflecting on the circumstances a man who fell in love with a mistress while celebrating the unique craft of Filipinos in movie-making, combining all elements of promoting the beautiful islands in Cagayan. The feisty lines delivered by Ms. Hilda Koronel in the official movie trailer of The Mistress is just one of the reasons why it shouldn't be missed starting on Sept. 12, 2012 at all theaters nationwide. For more info and updates, please like Star Cinema's FB page- https://www.facebook.com/StarCinema