Event: Reasons to watch #Bwakaw a real Bwakaw Film

Finally a film to better teach the homophobic a lesson. Bwakaw means greed in some languages in the Philippines or simply gluttony as an attitude to common Filipino language. I was privileged to have watched the Red Carpet Premiere of 2012 Cinemalaya's Best Actor (Eddie Garcia), Audience Choice Award and NETPAC Award, Bwakaw by APT Entertainment. Directed by Jun Lana starring Eddie Garcia as Rene, Rez Cortez, Soliman Cruz, Bibeth Orteza, Joey Paras, Alan Paule, Beverly Salviejo, Soxie Topacio, Luz Valdez, Gardo Versoza, Ms. Armida Siguion-Reyna, Jonathan Neri, Ronaldo Bertubin, May-I Fabros and introducing Princess as Bwakaw is a story of growing old and the fear of growing old alone. The movie shows the constant preparation of Rene (played by Eddie Garcia) for his death which evolves into a drama-comedy of characters driven into circumstances because of his love for Bwakaw, his dog in the movie. Of all movies I've watched this year, this is the movie I would love to share to all my family and friends understanding how gays should view life and how we should understand the plight they all fall into at old age. I would really love to share all my thoughts but saying more would cost spoiling some of the most important scenes worth every penny in the cinemas. So here are the reasons why you should watch APT Entertainment, October Train Films and ABS-CBN's Bwakaw:
5. You'd seldom and most often never see a dog act so well on screen without special visual effects like how Princess the dog played Bwakaw.
4. You'd never realize how important the dog is in the film until the end climactic scene and will appreciate how the Filipino culture on dogs is given significance in Bwakaw.
3. You'll suddenly realize how your families and friends view life and death after watching the film making you reflect on how you value the material things you've been saving all these years.
2. You'd appreciate how comedy is so unique and really entertaining played by the one and only veteran actor/director Soxie Topacio in Bwakaw. In fact, after sometime you'd be proud of the movie and would love the other countries to review it.
1. You'd reflect on how difficult a gay man's life is and remember the most important gays in your life.
The professors of film and other teachers may view differently and refute my reasons. I have only mentioned a few of the reasons why you should watch it and I'd have to say missing this film would mean missing how entertainment really means, value for redirecting and rejuvenating your senses and appreciating its socio-political implications to the youth today. Bwakaw is one film I will never forget and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to watch it last Thursday at SM Megamall. Thanks to ABS-CBN and Flow Galindez for the memorable movie. It is time for all of you to appreciate the best of 2012 Cinemalaya's best films. Watch Bwakaw showing at selected cinemas starting Sept. 5, 2012.