Event: Bloggers at King Bee Chinese Restaurant Commonwealth Quezon City

I will never forget the man who introduced me to King Bee Chinese Restaurant. The memory of a great father shot dead two months ago made me cry a bit on my second visit last week at King Bee Chinese Restaurant with food bloggers. Hoisted by the Ng Family and other incorporators, King Bee started in Cavite and grown patronage and continues to expand in different branches nationwide  because of their authentic Chinese style of preparation using fresh ingredients from local produce and abroad. I remembered how I loved their Dimsum and Chicken Feet offered on tables while awaiting for the main dishes being served.
On my second visit, we were treated their set menu perfect for families and groups craving for real Chinese Lauriat. We had Assorted Appetizer Cuts (Dumplings and Chicken Feet), House Specialty Roast Chicken, Wintermelon Soup, Shrimps and Vegetables on Sweet Potato Basket, Fried King Fish in Salad Sauce, Yang Chow Fried Rice, Sliced Beef with Broccoli, Two Kinds of Pastries and Mixed Fruit Platter.
(photos ganked from Marco Polo Demo- www.kwentototo.blogspot.com)
Wintermelon Soup served hot with braised shrimps (serves 10-15)
The Sweet Potato Basket made the dish even more exciting with roasted cashew nuts with shrimp and vegetables. 
Fried King Fish in Salad Sauce was sweet and sour punctuated with fresh green mango salad and cherries. It was one of the memorable dishes because of the unusual combination of green mango slices and cherries. I have expressed my sentiments about Filipinos eating Lauriat when most will complain in the beginning that rice was served in the middle. The Chinese will patiently savor each dish and rice need not be served altogether or simultaneously with other dishes. I was dining with fellow Filipinos like most of the patrons of King Bee Chinese Restaurant in Commonwealth Quezon City who prefers to dine the Filipino way. 
The food was still delicious and it continues to gain more patrons along Quezon City with new affordable SET MENU for groups, families and friends. Compared to other Chinese restaurants I've visited, King Bee is affordable with lowest rate of P4,000 (groups of 6pax- Four Kinds Cold Cuts Combination, Shredded Chicken with Asparagus Soup, Sauteed Shell Meat with Broccoli Flower, Fried Minced Squid, Steamed Fish Fillet with Chinese ham and Black Mushroom, Fried beef Tenderloin with Walnut, Salted Fish and Chicken Fried Rice and Two Kinds of Pastries). and at P7,800 (for groups of 12pax-with menu items on promo and personalized on your preferences). It's always a happy food trip at King Bee Chinese Restaurant in Commonwealth Quezon City because the food is unforgettable. With branches in Newhall Commercial Comples, General Trias, Cavite; CEPZA Bacao Branch in Cavite; Marcos Highway Branch Antipolo City; Sta. Rosa, Laguna; E. Rodriguez Branch, Quezon City; Daang Hari Branch, Las PiƱas, and Commonwealth Quezon City, King Bee hopes to deliver authentic Chinese Food at fastfood prices! For more information, please visit www.kingbeefood.com and like their Facebook Page at King Bee Chinese Food for more updates and promos.


  1. Oh man I am drooling over those succulent looking shrimps :)

  2. hey thanks The Drunken Pig! They are sooo delicious! Try them at King Bee!!Bee happy!


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