Event: #Biktima Grand Presscon

Have you watched a movie using Red Digital Camera? Cesar Montano returns to drama-thriller with Direk RD Alba, from the award-winning Panaghoy sa Suba (2004) sure to surprise the movie-goers with Biktima. Starring Angel Aquino and Mercedes Cabral, Biktima was shot entirely in picturesque yet perilous Bohol, Cesar's hometown. The Grand Presscon held at Cesar's restaurant Belissimo in Scout Rallos, Quezon City, decorated with his own paintings was filled with dignified media participants who threw questions about how the film was conceptualized and made into a full-length film. Distributed by Star Cinema and made using red digital camera from the trainings of Direk RD Alba in the US, Biktima is a story of the travails of a female TV reporter (Angel Aquino who wants to make something else outside of her being a wife and a mother. 
Alice Dela Cruz (Angel's character) was believed to have died from a dangerous trek to the island of Kamandao in Bohol which gave reasons for the husband Mark (Cesar Montano) to turn his attention to the former's best friend Sandra (Mercedes Cabral) for solace and love. This twist may spark interest but how the movie was shot and the beautiful scenes from Bohol will give more excitement using the red digital camera. Alba Productions' Biktima should be a reason for every Filipino to be proud uplifting the type of movies we produce in the country and being proud of our beautiful islands while telling a story. 
This time and age in the Philippine movie industry and with Biktima spells another innovation for redefining how we are growing and maturing as a movie-goer not delving on popular acts that the youth should appreciate. I am so excited to watch every scene and how significant Biktima will contribute to the Filipino movie culture we all support and improve every single film today. Be proud of Bohol and watch Biktima showing at all theaters nationwide starting September 19, 2012! For more information, please like Biktima Facebook Page for more updates.