Event: #TheReunion Bloggers Conference

Showing today at all cinemas is Star Cinema's latest offering,The Reunion. The first full-length film directed by Frasco Mortiz starring Kean Cipriano, Enchong Dee, Xian Lim,Enrique Gil, Bangs Garcia, Julia Montes and Jessy Mendiola recently held a Bloggers Conference at the ELJ Building, ABS-CBN. With just Direk Frasco, Writer Icy Guzman, Bangs Garcia and Kean Cipriano, the bloggers had a blast of fun and laughter at the stories shared about high school memories and what made their high school worth reminiscing. 
I remembered the bully in my high school and how they still continue to bully observing Kean Cipriano and listening to his own memories of the glory days of high school. Completing the powerhouse cast of The Reunion are Matt Evans,Tom Rodriguez, Joseph Marco, IvanDorschner, Alodia Gosiengfiao, Gina PareƱo, Kakai Bautista, Louise Abuel and Brian Santos. Watching the trailer will make you want to go back to high school if not cherish your friendships in high school because of the antics made by the boys who were real characters from the roster of friends of the writer, Icy Guzman. 
How did it feel that your own life in high school was made into a movie? Writer Icy Guzman shared how the characters were all excited to watch and appreciate their friendship. Just the same, my own high school friends started popping on my FB wall with their usual gags and it made me realize how things have not changed after all. I can't wait to watch how each character survived high school and that particular stunt of Kean Cipriano on the trailer where he was auditioning for a talent show. 
The Reunion is a must-watch not only to those who want to reminisce high school but to all those who wish to reflect on their own personality, if it had completely changed and molded you to a better person after and if you have learned enough about keeping a relationship with your friends. Have fun watching The Reunion now showing at all cinemas nationwide.