Event: Oreo says Mochi-Mochi and becomes a pizza etc

Oreo sure brings the smile in the faces of every one. Always sharing the goodness of enjoying Oreos, I joined in the group of food bloggers attending Kraft Oreos' Mochi-Mochi event at Kusinang Kraft in ParaƱaque last Saturday. 
The beginning of the program was the AVPs of Oreos in different countries and I was teary-eyed at the Fathers Day TVC while my friends cracked their jokes on the portion where they'd be choosing what type of Oreos they are. We were introduced to the guest Chef Celina David who regularly teaches at MIHCA (Magsaysay Institute of Hospitality and Culinary Arts)and the member of the chefs that brought the Guinness Book of World Records for creating more than 5847 recipes of cooking cheese two years ago. 
She treated us to an Espresso Cream Cheese Spread on baguette slices with coffee for starters and explained how it was made using ordinary powdered coffee and cream cheese. 
The sight of Oreo was distracting and using the Oreo Cookie Crumble pack with conveniently powdered Oreos, we were taught how to make our own Oreo Truffles. The milk, confectionery sugar, eggs and Oreos Cookie Crumble was mixed in a bowl with Kraft's Philadelphia Cream Cheese was mixed and made into balls to be rolled on white chocolate cream which was quite difficult because it quickly becomes solid. 
My version of the Oreos Truffles may not look pretty compared to my friends but the taste was incomparable because it was hard to control not to nibble some of the pieces before we had to wrap them in small dainty boxes. 
Next we were taught how to create a healthy Peanut Butter Cavendish Banana Oreo pizza. Using a regular pizza dough, spread butter and peanut butter evenly. Drizzle some of the Oreo Cookie Crumbles and place the Cavendish banana slices evenly on all sides. Put a hefty amount of grated Kraft Eden Cheese on top with some drizzle of brown sugar to coat the bananas. It was a contest of who made the best-looking and best-tasting pizza and friend blogger Iris Pulga won.
Right after the pizza was the making of the Fried Oreo Ala Mode. Oreos were coated with flour and eggs and deep-fried served with vanilla ice cream. We were all so full eating so much Oreo goodies including the piece de resistance of the evening, Mochiko's Oreo Mochi which had whole Oreo biscuit and Oreo ice cream wrapped in mochi (glutinous rice balls). 
Like kids, we were so excited with Mochiko's Oreo Mochi balls and forgot that we still have to eat the buffet dinner served at Kusinang Kraft. Available at all Mercato Centrale branches in Mezza Norte, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Distrito Makati and BGC, Mochiko mochi balls was the first to introduce this heavenly ice cream treat to Pinoys. Who would resist such refreshing Oreo ice cream with Oreos of Mochiko? I really love their Green Tea and Strawberry mochi balls which became an instant hit at Midnight Mercato Centrale last year. Now that they have Oreos in mochi, more kids and young-at-heart will fall in love with ice cream mochi balls. 
Last Saturday taught me so many things how to put smiles on the faces of my friends and how to make more dishes and creations using our favorite Oreo cookies. Still in love with the Twist, Lick and Dunk in milk Oreos, the different ways to prepare Oreos will get kids and the kids-at-heart to enjoy family bonding moments together. Oreo keeps the tradition of keeping families together. The smiles on the faces in the picture above spells the type of joy Oreo brings to everyone. Be happy and share Oreos!
For more information: visit. www.kraftfoods.com or buy Oreos at all leading groceries and supermarkets nationwide. Mochiko's Oreo Mochi balls are sold at Php70/pc and believe me, it's worth the price and the effort. Buy Mochiko's Oreo Mochi balls at all Mercato Centrale branches and at Lucky Chinatown Mall. Discover more surprising recipes from Kraft Foods, visit www.kraftrecipes.com for more details.