Event: An Evening with Pampanga Mayor Ed Pamintuan, World Mayor 2012 nominee

I will forever remember the first time I saw a financial report posted in the center of Angeles City Pampanga last year when I attended the Kuliat Festival. It was quite a memorable experience seeing a city filled with antiquities and preserved culture that may actually be the best model to boost nationalism in our country. I had the privelege to join an evening with Angeles Pampanga Mayor Ed Pamintuan celebrating his nomination as World Mayor 2012 at Anabel's Tomas Morato, Quezon City last Tuesday.
The World Mayor Project since 2004 aimed to show what outstanding mayors can achieve and raise their profiles nationally and internationally and Mayor Ed Pamintuan is the only Filipino among the roster of nominees. It was no wonder he'd be nominated not only in the World Mayor but in other recognizing bodies all over the world because of his outstanding achievements without having to blow horns of showing his face on every tarp and streets in Angeles City. From being known all over the world for prostitution in the past with Fields Avenue, he was able to transform Angeles to a rich historical and developing city. From the rubble of Mt. Pinatubo tragedy, he was instrumental in transforming the ashes to sculptures to promote livelihood products and help raise funds to uplift the city to greater heights. It was no wonder that Angeleños continue to provide testimonials of his greatest achievements because of his outstanding projects that helped too many concerning community, public health, quality and affordable education. Mayor Ed Pamintuan was remarkably passionate establishing the first Renal Care Unit (RCU) in the city offering affordable medication for people suffering from renal diseases. Angeleños like all the other Kapampangans love salty food and since the common diseases hit the kidneys, it was a monumental success putting up 19 dialysis machines and a total of 2,427 treatments served since its formal operation in less than a year.
Like what his wife Mrs. Herminia De Guzman-Pamintuan had said, his love and passion for food reflected in Kuliat Festival yearly held to promote Angeles City Tourism was also the reason why he completely understands the need to uplift the quality of health care among Angeleños. I still remember how he was able to influence me to eat that sweet camote with carabao's milk last year and his stories.
It was no wonder the Angeleños had discovered the reason of their pride. If we have always perceived the Kapampangans to be proud, they are now showing the reasons to be proud. With so many things to be proud about, having the best-tasting food, the pride over Sisig and other authentic culinary feats the word awes about, Camaro, Batute, Morcon, etc, rich language with their very own alphabet and language distinct from all the other regions, rich history that spans the historical landmarks the country is yet to recognize, rich landscapes worth promoting for the world to enjoy, the city of Angeles is one destination that Mayor Ed Pamintuan is so happy to share and improve for all of us. It was no wonder that through Mayor Ed's efforts, Angeles City received prestigious awards like Good Housekeeping Practices. He is hopeful and actively encouraging various sectors of the city to participate in the sustenance of the environmental resources of Angeles through Task Force: One Million Trees and Sagip Sapang Belen
Having met Mayor Ed Pamintuan again after last year's Fiestang Kuliat reminded me of how cities in other regions of the country truly neglect the most important factor to get the citizens to move - attitude. It takes a leader to be passionate of his own rich culture to lead the rest to love the same food, love the same history and bank on the assets and not on their losses and circumstances. Despite the struggles the city is faced with, Mayor Ed Pamintuan is an optimistic leader deserving not just a recognition as World Mayor 2012, but all the other recognizing bodies to help create more funds to uplift the city. Angeles City is not a sleeping tiger with Mayor Ed Pamintuan roaring like a lion on good governance the rest will soon follow.
Do vote for our very own Mayor Ed Pamintuan in World Mayor 2012 here - http://www.worldmayor.com/contest_2012/word-mayor-nominations-2012.html. Have a taste and a feel of Angeles City and see what I'm talking about. For more information, visit www.angelescitytourism.com.ph, email angelesmuseo.kfi@yahoo.com or call 6345-5574703/639154216606.