Event: Authentic Chinese Lauriat at Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant

I can now begin understanding why we worship the Chinese after a taste of Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant's Authentic Chinese Lauriat. Formerly City Harbour Restaurant, Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant is the hole in the wall that causes traffic every Sunday and holidays along Wilson Street in Greenhills, San Juan. For more than 12 years in the restaurant business, Haikang continues its tradition of serving quality Chinese cuisine that gets more people to visit.
I was fortunate to join food bloggers to sample their newest offering in their Chinese Lauriat Menu last Monday. It's always fun to join a group of foodies eating lauriat because you'd always be surprised with surprising dishes served in Lazy Susan. First served was the appetizer called 4 Kinds of Hot Cuts (Php1500/Large), Courtesy and consideration that you're only supposed to get a piece so that others can also experience the dish was quite hard especially when you've tried a bite and it was so delicious.
A piece of the 4 Hot Cuts was enough to ease the hunger and knowing that more dishes will be served kept me wanting to get another helping. Second dish served was their delectable Laksa Prawns (Php120/piece) with Fried Mantou bread. The glutton in me could not keep the desire to get another helping so I waited until everyone had their piece and enjoyed the meal with occasional laughter at the owner's crack of jokes in between. Indeed, it was the best Laksa Prawns I've tasted in my life and although I'm not Chinese to tell the difference, I know you will agree that the sauce was worth the shame licking the plate to the last drop.
Another unforgettable sauce to try at Hai Kang is their Fried Tao Pe Roll in Country Style Sauce (Php800/Large). Tao Pe (bean curd skin) was filled with meat and deep-fried served with this flavorful Country Style sauce. It's so good that you'd ask for more when everyone had scraped the plate.
Then came Hai Kang's Kalabasa Seafood Soup (Php1000), thick and rich in flavors, it was so filling you'd not want to get rice dishes after.
My fear of rice after that hefty serving of dishes came when Steamed Eel with Lotus Leaves Rice (Php1800/kilo). Smoking hot served at our Lady Susan, the dish served in steamed basket was placed in cups for each of us to appreciate. What's commendable about the restaurant was not only the delicious dishes served but the service personally provided by their waiters. They always change plates every time each dish arrives.
The piece de resistance for me after that unforgettable Laksa Prawns was their classic Egg White with Seafood (Php1200). I wondered how they were able to prepare such delicate egg whites mixed with seafood that was punctuated by meat floss drizzle on top. The plate adorned with veggies was so inviting that I took a lot more than I planned. I was serious when I mentioned I'd marry a guy who can make me such a delicious dish because I can imagine how hard it was prepared not making the egg white strips stick together. It was as I've expected light and tasty with shrimp and other seafood bits to complement the egg white. The dish alone can fill you on a cold rainy day and will leave you wanting for more after.
Fried Soft Shell Crab with Salt and Pepper (Php1200/Large) was as they say deep-fried Soft Shell Crabs, crispy and not too salty you'd eat the piece without having to worry about the shells. It was the most convenient way to eat crabs.
Udon Noodles with Seafood Sate Sauce (Php700/large) was the last dish and although I was too full, I managed to get a second helping. Not too salty and not too spicy, the seafood sate sauce gives the full flavor to the udon noodles.
Expecting buchi at the end of the meal, we were served this Hot Black Sesame Seed Dumpling Soup (Php1500). Afar, it may look like Dinuguan because of its black color and texture but it's actually ground black sesame seed made into rich thick soup with rice cake balls filled with more black sesame seeds. It was nutty and not too sweet. This is another reason why I'd like to visit Hai Kang again because you'd be surprised with the taste.
The lauriat meal ended with Fried Masachi (Php80/4pcs per order). It's the flavorful glutinous rice balls stuffed with black sesame seed that you'd appreciate after a hearty lauriat dinner at Hai Kang. When too many have complained about Hai Kang's inadequate parking space, the owner managed to put up a full house sign to avoid complaints of parking far away without any notice of availability. Hai Kang had become a tradition to some that it would be hard to reserve a seat and Hai Kang's specialty lauriat menu may seem pricey but worth the money and the effort. They really know what the customer wants and needs that they have gained loyal patronage in not just the neighborhood but all the Chinese and the Pinoys in the area. Hai Kang made me understand what got the Americans and the world fall in love with Chinese cuisine. It taught me to appreciate lauriat in a group of friendly Chinese bloggers who share the same passion in life - food. 
Visit Hai Kang at 227 Wilson St. Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila. Like their FB Page here for more updates. Call Renato See or Grace Yap or Jeff See for reservations and inquiries at Tel. No. 570-6177/ 570-6325/ 381-2833. Lauriat menu may be arranged to your preferences from the menu.