Review: Star Cinema's The Healing

Spoiler Alert!If you plan to watch the movie, do not continue reading this blog.
Some good intentions bring bad luck. Star Cinema's latest offering, "The Healing" received two ratings from MTRCB, R13 and R18. Directed by world-acclaimed Chito Roño and written by Roy Iglesias, Star Cinema's The Healing stars Gov. Vilma Santos, Kim Chiu, Daria Ramirez, Robert Arevalo, Janice De Belen, Mark Gil, Joel Torre, Martin Del Rosario, Allan Paule, Cris Villanueva, Ces Quesada, Ynez Veneracion, Simon Ibarra, Jhong Hilario, Chinggoy Alonso, Mon Confiado, Carmi Martin and Pokwang. It's a story of a mother whose intention to help her father get well from a stroke gets into different conflicts and twists because of our very basic culture of "pakikisama". From beginning to end, you'd applaud at the computer graphics layout and the costume design in different colors and you'd want to believe that the movie wants you to believe it's simply a movie and not those trying to cross-path an indie-turned-mainstream. It is a suspense-thriller and it successfully made me jump out of my seat every time. Very seldom do I watch movies that gets me jumping and screaming and "The Healing" though the story may seem predictable to the cynics and still raw in ingenuity made me love the attempts of trying to produce a real quality horror film. The movie presented what we call in fiction and folklore, doppelganger (German "double walker") , a paranormal double of a living person typically representing evil or misfortune. I was completely entertained and horrified at scenes with effective sound effects and impressive acting of Gov. Vi who even mentioned during the Bloggers Conference of the movie that she was able to learn the distinct movements and facial expression of being scared to scare the movie-goer. I was too entertained that I forgot how Kim Chiu is directly implied as her long lost daughter in the movie and who among them is her her real child. I was too entertained that I have overshadowed the logic on how a mighty evil spirit can actually die of electrocution and disappear in thin air to resolve the conflict. I was too entertained at the constant attempts to explain explicitly the existence of such evil spirit within the realms of a faith healer. I was too entertained that it made me wonder if the ignorant public majority who'd visit the theaters will be aware of the word "doppelganger" frequently mentioned in the film. Then that scared me. It scared me to imagine that the skeptics will only focus on what the movie lacked and it scared me that negative reviews will surface. This is a movie intended to entertain otherwise Gov. Vi will ask this movie to be included in Cinemalaya. The movie implores our distinct culture on faith healing for lack of financial capabilities that eventually brings more problems. It should teach the Filipino how important it is to value education and science rather than resort to rituals and faith healing for medical problems that really requires science and not faith. The original Filipino science the educators long to hedge among students is what we all hope for and The Healing is an implied reality that heeds attention. Speak not of profanity if no solution can be suggested. The movie The Healing is still a marvelous entertaining suspense horror film best watched with friends or with your loved one. It is a movie that will remind you of your own experience with a faith healer but it should not scare you to believe that there is in fact a doppelganger unless you completely hallucinate such on your own and eventually leave you horrified for the rest of your lives. Separate truth from fiction and please watch "The Healing" because as Filipinos, we should continue to promote our very own culture and beliefs, regardless if it's good or bad. As of suggestions, I would probably create a distinct Tagalog word that will compare to the word so it can generate more personality to the film. Hats off to Direk Chito Roño, Roy Iglesias and Gov. Vilma Santos for making a movie that's worth every penny in the theater. Watch "The Healing" now showing at all theaters nationwide.