Event: #TheHealing Bloggers Conference

Sometimes good intentions bring bad luck. I have reflected on my own good intentions attending Batangas' Governor Vilma Santos' first Bloggers Conference for the horror movie, "The Healing" at ABS-CBN today. Directed by world-acclaimed Chito Roño and written by Roy Iglesias, Star Cinema's "The Healing" stars Kim Chiu, Daria Ramirez,Janice De Belen, Mark Gil, Joel Torre, Martin Del Rosario, Allan Paule, Cris Villanueva, Ces Quesada, Ynez Veneracion, Simon Ibarra, Abi Bautista, Chinggoy Alonso, Mon Confiado, Carmi Martin and Pokwang. The Healing tells a story of the Filipino tradition on faith healing for guidance and treatment of ailments and although the movie is fictitious and does not claim to compare to documentaries long before shown about the culture of Filipinos on rituals and supernaturals, the movie promises to teach children and the not-so-young how poverty deprives the Filipino of basic health necessities.
First for Gov. Vi to have a blogcon, writer Roy Iglesias was surprised as well as the bloggers tried to ask questions on the socio-political implications of the movie in general. First in Philippine cinema to have two ratings by the MTRCB, R13 and R18, Star Cinema's "The Healing" showing on July 25 is a movie that's really worth the suspense and excitement. 
The movie presents different circumstances Filipinos face in time of crisis and the inaccessibility to basic health services due to financial constraints. I really loved that all three of them, Direk Chito Roño, Roy Iglesias and Star for All Seasons Gov. Vi do not claim the movie to be more than a suspense-horror flick realizing how the bloggers are adept at analysis and scrutinizing films to its social relevance. Like all the other stars who did a blogcon and was pleased with the type of questions being asked (Vic Sotto, Coney Reyes, etc to name a few), Gov. Vi and writer Roy Iglesias enjoyed how we are more interested with the film rather than their personal lives. Studying Philippine anthropology or simply studying social sciences (Araling Panlipunan in elem and hs) should tackle issues like faith healing explicitly shown in Star Cinema's "The Healing". For while we love the actress who made legendary movies and lines, we also would love her character and personality as a real person and as a public servant. She continues to impart values from her family forward treating the whole province of Batangas as her extended family. No wonder she kept gaining support in politics.
For while we love watching horror films and the movie, "The Healing" presents a powerful scare and entertainment effect, we should all be horrified at its implications on the society's indifference to lack of basic health services. This is one movie that shows a clear ignorance to what our country should provide to the people. I will definitely not miss the film for its intention - entertainment and stark social issues implied because I will forever teach my students and my dearest friends, that we should watch with our eyes and also with our heart. Learn from every experience and live to tell the difference to make one voice a clear ripple to the serene waters. Watch Star Cinema's "The Healing" showing starting on July 25, 2012 at all theaters nationwide.
For your information, R-13 is strictly for `13 years old and up. The Healing's R-13 is quite sanitized with less gore and less violence to help our school children be guided when watching the movie. R-18 is the Director's Cut which I also believe should be recommended to watch to better appreciate it's art and its presentation as an effective truly iconic suspense-horror flick. Be healed from ignorance and watch "The Healing"