Event: SM Cinema hosts Act of Valor press screening

SM Cinema hosted the press screening of the Act of Valor last Tuesday at SM North The Block and it brought me to reflect on the country's ammunition resources. The US Box Office Hit Act of Valor had a cast of active duty US Navy Seals though the story is fictional. The guns and tactics used were real and I thought of the numerous things we lack to what many will pertain as the Philippines' line of defense. The story may seem simple about a mission to recover a kidnapped CIA operative but the results were surprisingly unexpected upon the discovery of an imminent terrifying global threat. It was a team of highly-trained US Navy Seals who embarked on a heart-stopping secret operation which will give you a glimpse of the reality what they all do at times of crisis. Directed by Mike Mccoy and Scott Waugh, the movie shows the experience of the team on what the title suggests, an Act of Valor. The movie may seem boring to women but it's definitely recommended to students especially those aspiring to be in the navy and wanting to serve the country. The movie made me understand how the public majority had completely become indifferent on the issue of our borders and territories (e.g. Panatag Shoal etc) and it made me realize how we have completely become so obsolete in military and navy tactics to uphold a mission. Sappy to some but Act of Valor is a movie to watch for its intricate details on how a particular military operation works and not in a definite circumstance. Don't miss Act of Valor showing at all SM Cinemas nationwide since last week. Oh and don't miss getting an E-Plus Card from SM Cinemas for discounts and perks. 
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