Event: Philippine Stagers Foundation's 11th season features Joe: A Filipino Rock'sical

The constant dilemma of students about Rizal's significance in our daily lives was answered at the press preview of  Philippine Stagers Foundation's 11th Season offering, "Joe: A Filipino Rock'sical" last Sunday at St. Scholastica's Manila. Upon hearing that it's about Rizal reminded me of my P.I. 100 back in college and contemplated on the infinite questions of teachers if Rizal is alive today and how he is actually similar to us all.
Written and directed by Atty. Vince Tañada, Joe: A Filipino Rock'sical features the homegrown talents of PSF - Kevin Posadas, Patirick Adrian Libao, Monique Azerrada, Cindy Maree Liper, two of PSF's recognized Aliw Awards best supporting actor and best actor, Jordan Ladra and Kierwin Larena with other leads Adelle Ibarrientos, Cherry Bagtas, Chris Lim, Chin Ortega, JM Encinas and Gabby Bautista. The deconstruction of our national hero was presented in a manner that reflects back in history while the reality plays in front. 
It starts with a high school play that creates a memory later revived through a project from the lead actor/director/writer Atty. Vince Tañada who plays Joecas. How each character contributed to the conflict of the story reflects the type of circumstances similar to those we know about Rizal. It was quite difficult to grasp for a high school student to connect the dots but the realization of how Rizal is omnipotent at present was definitely presented. 
What's most unforgettable throughout the play was the character of Turing played by Gabby Bautista. He was brilliant and he exuded the discipline and behavior of an adult actor at his age. I really loved his performance and he is one character in Joe: A Filipino Rock'sical you should never miss. I will definitely recommend the play to all students in search for answers about Rizal or simply wanting to enjoy a well-prepared theatrical performance. It is definitely prescriptive to better understand Rizal in our lives at present. Do watch PSF's Joe: A Filipino Rock'sical on the following dates and venue:
July 21 - Staurday 8am, 11am, 2pm - St. Scholastica's College
July 22 - Sunday 8am, 11am, 2pm - St. Scholastica's College
July 29 - Sunday 8am, 11am, 2pm - Tanghalang Pasigueño
For more information please call +639273913447 or visit www.philstagers.8m.com for inquiries and reservations.


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