Event: "Mundo Man Ay Magunaw" to end with stars hoping for an extension

Eula Valdez cried at ABS-CBN's Kapamilya Gold Teleserye "Mundo Man Ay Magunaw" Grand Presscon  last Monday night. Out of more appreciation to the cast and the crew of the afternoon teleserye about to end in its last two weeks, Eula and the rest of the cast had grown relationships they have never experienced in other projects. 
Stars Eula Valdez, Sylvia Sanchez, Nikki Gil, Empress Schuck, Jayson Gainza, Ms. Tessie Tomas, Ejay Falcon and Emilio Garcia shared how they have grown respect and appreciation of each other during the set.   According to Eula, it was her most memorable project ever made with a cast and she hopes of extending the program if given a chance. Empress also said that the teleserye has been a huge blessing having learned so many things from the veteran actresses. 
Nikki Gil expressed her appreciation to the cast having grown more love for acting at the teleserye. On its last two weeks, the story of Olivia (Eula), Sheryl (Empress) and Jenny (Nikki) will be drawn to a fate of life and death to reunite the family. From its teaser, it looked like Sheryl (Empress) will save her mother but who will die at the end is what will be unveiled to bring them back together as a family. Such an exciting twist may seem usual but the last episode to show how they will reunite as a family should be what the viewers should learn from. 
Stories from teleserye teaches us to contemplate at our own issues and though it was hard to muster to find answers, "Mundo Man Ay Magunaw" will definitely gain acknowledgement to all stars concerned for the efforts on making the last taping a grand finale to remember. Learn how each character evolved at the last two weeks and learn lessons from each of them in and out of the teleserye. After all, every moment in drama on television and our own, is always a constant learning experience. 
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