Event: Karate Kid opens in Farmers Plaza Cubao and whips up Japanese-American favorites

Sashimi and a kick. Karate Kid will now be enjoyed by the thousands of mall-goers in Farmers Plaza Cubao. Situated near the gateway to Araneta Coliseum at the 3rd floor of the new Farmers Plaza, Karate Kid brings its exciting array of delectable Japanese classics: katsudon, ramen, California maki, tuna sashimi, teppanyaki in chicken, beef and seafood variants, takoyaki, gyoza and ebi tempura.
My first indulgence was their Tuna Sashimi (6pcs)Php82 served with the complimentary wasabi with soy sauce and kalamansi. It was as I've expected, sweet and juicy with such fresh texture punctuated by that wasabi kick when dipped. It's that surprise we love that stimulates the tongue and if some Japanese restos serves them in other colors, trust the pinkish red to ensure quality. 
Then Crunchy Maki Roll was served in Cheesy Tonkatsu variant Php75. The bite size piece suited my chopsticks skills, it's that size. Using the same batter they used in making tempura crispy and crunchy, each Maki Roll seemed carefully deep-fried without any hint of change to the flavor. It's probably that drizzle of sauce on top that creates the tangy taste delight. 
I had Beef Ramen Php95 to cool down my tongue. It was a bowful of fresh veggies and lean beef meat strips that tended my craving for noodles. It is what I'd always order and what most men like "tyuhin" (burly men in 30-40s always in the habit of beating each other over food). After all, beef ramen is comfort food. It's that smoke that rushes your face when you scoop one or two of the noodles with the broth that gives you the satisfaction you're about to devour all the good things altogether in one bowl. 
After that hefty bowl of ramen and feast of sushi and sahimi, I turned to the delectable crepes of Karate Kid. Served in freshly-made crepe was a wrap of ice cream with whipped cream adorned with nuts, choco brownie fudge cubes and vanilla and choco drizzle sprinkled with heavenly delights. In Mudslide, Double Dutch, Mangoes and Creme and Strawberries and Creme, Karate Kid's Sweet Crepes is a sinful ending to a satisfying meal at Php69 a piece. 
My choice of drink after a delightful meal was Karate Kid's Iced Royal Milk Tea Php55 (16oz). No toppings or fancy creme and powder, simply royal milk tea with a choice of coffee jelly or black pearl sinkers. Karate Kid now has 25 branches which stores in Bulacan State University and Lucky China Town soon to open nationwide. Japanese-American fusion offers include Burger Pasta, spaghetti topped with mouth-watering Japanese beef patty in creamy white sauce-basted pasta, Japanese Creme Chicken Pasta, Garlic Shrimp Creamy Ebiko with juicy tiger prawns, Kido Master Burger - Karate Kid's house burger made of 100 percent char-grilled Japanese beef patty and EbiKatsu Burger. They still offer their Blockbuster 99ers meals that come with refillable rice value-for-money treats. "Pang-tyuhin" delights (yuppies eating in groups or 30-50s male friends eating on salary days) will keep more diners at Farmers Plaza branch packed but the moms and the kids will surely join in because of the wide variety of choices. I really want to go back for that special Takoyaki balls only Karate Kid does perfectly. It's that kick at every bite you'd love to go back for more. 
Visit the new branch of Karate Kid at Farmers Plaza Cubao. For inquiries and reservations, call 9212798 or visit http://www.karatekid.com.ph. Like their Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/karatekidph  for updates and promos.