Event: An intimate interview with Star Cinema's The Reunion Movie cast

Kean Cipriano never cease to surprise me. From the tribute album of the Eraserheads, The Reunion to the movie directed by Frasco Mortiz, Kean Cipriano continues to bring the fun of friendship. It was the first full-length movie of Direk Frasco Mortiz after a short film included in "Cinco" (horror). Starring Enchong Dee, Xian Lim, Enrique Gil, Kean Cipriano, Jessy Mendiola, Cristine Reyes, Julia Montes, Megan Young and Bangs Garcia, the movie celebrates the memories of friendship from high school and resolves issues it seems.
Ms. Gina Pareño and Alodia Gosiengfiao provide the comic relief in the movie from the Full Trailer which premiered at www.abs-cbn.com/chat last Sunday at Bunker's Pub and Restaurant in E.Rodriguez, Quezon City. It was a rare moment having the majority of the cast in the same room also agreed by Direk Frasco Mortiz. It took sometime to finish shooting the film because of the tight schedules of the actors and actresses with their own teleseryes and movies lined up. 
It was a barkada movie and those young at-heart will also reflect on their barkada memories after they watch the film. I was so excited about the movie after my own interview of the cast. Kean Cipriano is the life of the party and his role in The Reunion movie seems to stand out as the comedian in the barkada. 
According to Direk Frasco Mortiz, the movie is a feel-good light comedy that has surprising twists coming from the role of Enchong Dee. Towards the end of my interview with the cast was the premiere of the full trailer of The Reunion showing August 15 at all cinemas nationwide. I wonder why they mentioned the word, "sabit" and how they conceptualized the talent in the audition scene in the movie. Watch The Reunion movie on August 15 in cinemas nationwide. Don't forget to get a copy also of The Reunion: Eraserheads Tribute Album available at all record bars nationwide.