Event: Figaro's new Frosts, an Avalanche of Flavors!

Oreos. Chocolate. Coffee. Everything you'd want in a beverage is now at Figaro. The first Filipino coffee company, Figaro launched their new Frosts and cakes last Wednesday with the bloggers at Figaro Shangrila Mall
First was this White Chocolate Mocha Frost (Php130/16oz and Php150/20oz) a glass of blended mocha flavored coffee experience with white chocolate bits and topped with whipped cream and more white choco bits. Light and flavorful, it's not too sweet and it's simply white chocolate mocha shake perfect with Figaro's pasta and sandwiches.
Figaro also has this Choco Chips Java Frost, strong in chocolate flavor and topped with whipped cream and choco chips for that complete chocolate experience. 
Next served was Figaroccino Cookie Crumble with Oreos. As the name suggests, it's mocha flavored coffee with Oreo biscuits powder mixed with the frost topped with whipped cream and more Oreo biscuit crumble. Definitely the top choice of kids and the young-at-heart, Figaro's Figaroccino Cookie Crumble will lift spirits of those stressed at work or simply wanting a happy drink fix. I loved the Oreos on top and it made me want to lick my glass after. 
Finally, the Figaroccino Caramel Chips Frost, a glassful of caramel flavored frost with caramel bits topped with whipped cream and more caramel powder. It tasted like the Tira-Tira (butterscotch candy when I was young) though some bloggers with me contested it to be simply caramel blocks turned to powder. I loved the texture and the taste of this new frost from Figaro
Figaro also introduced to us their new cakes to complement with their finest coffee. Carrot Cake (Php105) is a slice of moist sponge cake with shredded carrots fudged with nutty and flavorful almond bits. The carrot decor frosting made my mouth water and a bite satisfied my craving of a perfect carrot cake. It's not too sweet and not too nutty. 
Orange Coffee Cake (Php105) is Figaro's soft sponge orange flavored cake with swirls of coffee syrup and coffee flavored crumbs on top perfect with a hot cup of latte. I really loved that bitter sweet and sour experience at every bite while I'm enjoying my favorite latte at Figaro. 
Figaro continues to bring different products to surprise every coffee lover customer. I would definitely go back for some of those Figaroccino Caramel Chips Frost with my fave Carrot Cake available at all Figaro stores nationwide starting July 30,2012. I'm happy promoting not just drinks and cakes I know everyone will love but the company that promotes the Filipino from crop to cup at Figaro. Try Figaro's new Frosts: An Avalanche of Flavors and new cakes, Carrot Cake and Orange Coffee cakes starting July 30, 2012. For more updates, please visit www.figarocoffee.com and like the FB page of Figaro here - https://www.facebook.com/figarocoffeecompany