Event: The dragon taste of Dragon Chef Trinoma

The chef is a dragon. It was a rare opportunity to have experienced hearty and hip Chinese cuisine at the bloggers launch of Dragon Chef in Trinoma Mall Quezon City last Wednesday. With chefs from the famous Shang Palace, Dragon Chef of Sir Ricky Laudico's group of restaurants is quite easy to notice at the fourth floor of the Trinoma Mall because of its pronounced red theme and Shanghai China decors and wall paintings.
First to sweep my feet off with such aroma and flavor was the array of appetizers dimsum at Dragon Chef. We had Xiao Long Bao, an original Shanghai steamed bun or baoxi, Quarry Bay and Har Gao, overwhelmingly delicious with the usual ginger strips dip, soy sauce and calamansi for dips.
Just like the menu of Johnny Chow with the exquisite masterpiece dishes of the popular chef from Shang Palace, Dragon Chef offers delectable feats like this mix of fruits and veggies, Good Karma Salad,
Manchurian Calamari,
Yuen Long Pork Belly,
Emperor Wenzong,
Wanchai Pork Asado and Lechon Macau,
Fukien Style Noodles,
and Dragon Chef Fried Rice to completely enjoy the Chinese dining experience. The foodies in the metro with dragon stomachs will definitely be happy at Trinoma Mall with Dragon Chef. Like what Sir Ricky had said, you're getting more than your money's worth because the dishes served are personally prepared by the famous chefs of Shang Palace. I really loved the dimsums and the noodles and I'd really want to go back for that Chestnut Tiramisu.
The delectable dinner ended with these Snowballs with different fillings, lotus, beans and nuts. Dragon Chef is tough to beat in authentic Chinese cuisine in Trinoma Mall. The culinary adventurer in you will definitely be surprised with Dragon Chef especially if you haven't been to Johnny Chow. In a row at the fourth level of Trinoma Mall, Sumo Sam, Cyma and Dragon Chef, the picky eater will enjoy not just the feel of authentic Chinese cuisine but the aroma everytime each dish gets out of the kitchen. It's Chinese and it's what everybody love. Dragon Chef is for the Chinese cuisine lover and the Pinoys who loves simply - good food. Would you miss it?