Event: #NayGising ! Dishwashing Bar Solution is the dirtiest item in your home!

Congratulations to Emmanuel Halabasco for winning in my contest survey, "Which is the dirtiest item in your home". Laundry soap as dishwashing bar solution proved to be the dirtiest item in your home as per research conducted by the medical experts from the Philippine Society of Microbiologists during the launch of Joy Antibac with the power of Safeguard's "Nay Gising" Campaign at the Top Shelf of Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street. Dr. Jessica Simbahan and Philippine Society of Microbiology President Dr. Supachai Basit with Ms. Jan Jizelle Ang, brand manager of Joy Antibac revealed how dishwashing bar solution contains up to 10x level of contaminants than a dirty sock and other dirty household items.
Using a luminometer or germ meter to measure the level of contaminants in all the dirtiest items in your home, bar solution contained 6921 RLUs compared to a dirty sock with 670 or a toilet bowl rim and sides with 711 RLU (Relative Light Units). Shocking but true that a dishwashing bar solution we have all been using all these years is a breeding ground for contaminants including bacteria and other types of germs according to Dr. Basit. the tests conducted in Feb. 2012 by a third party research agency and the Philippine Society of Microbiology (PSM) used luminometers or germ meters measuring adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the universal molecule found in animal, plant, bacteria, yeast and mold cells. ATP brought into contact with Luciferase/Luciferin reagent emits light in direct proportion to the amount of the ATP present.
It was hard to believe that the dishwashing bar solution proved to have the highest contaminants but it's true. They've even tested my handbag (all white) and it contained 1645 RLUs during the event using the luminometer. I felt a bit scared that in the beginning of the event, we were given appetizers served in plates that looked like the plates they used washed with a sock. When they've announced that they used Joy Antibac to clean the plates, I felt relieved and that's when I realized how important it is to use the Joy Antibac instead of the usual dishwashing bar solution many restos used in their kitchen.
I felt guilty after the event because I used to use dishwashing bar solution in cleaning my plates in the house. Since 2008, I've started using Joy Antibac and I've felt more safe yesterday knowing that the product had become stronger in fighting germs and bacteria now with Safeguard. It is indeed high time to wake all the mothers to their neglecting the harmful use of dishwashing bar solution at home. #NayGising and let all the mothers and the household know that they are keeping more contaminants with their habits now with dishwashing bar solution. Dysentery, Diarrhea, Colds, Cough and Flu may not come from the changing weather but those bacteria present in the plates washed with dishwashing bar solution. I vouch to the campaign really effective in cleaning all those items we use in the kitchen. I completely trust Joy Antibac now with the power of Safeguard. Will you still think it's saving more money using the dishwashing bar solution knowing you'd spend more when those bacteria you breed will eventually cost you more sickness? It is time to make that big switch now! Joy Antibac with the power of Safeguard is proven to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria (attested by the Philippine Society of Microbiology).