Event: Meeting the cast of Princess and I

My students love Daniel Padilla and Khalil Ramos. It was one of my unforgettable experience meeting the cast of ABS-CBN's Princess and I location shoot at Marikina last Saturday. In the midst of humid and hot weather where most crew members haggle to find time to organize the scenes, we joined in the chaotic and busy atmosphere with hopes of having a chat with the cast of the top-rating afternoon teleserye, Princess and I. So while I was aching of pain from my left eye apparently blocked by a tiny plastic strand, we finally had Enrique Gil as our first to chat with. He was so friendly and accommodating to all of us and surprisingly so sweet sharing his thoughts about how he shared his blessings to his family. At his young age, he had learned to save and help the family build more conveniences. He looked forward to having a career as bright as Gerald Anderson or John Lloyd Cruz and I guess these actors he resemble their attitude - meek yet strong in so many ways. Enrique Gil plays Dasho Jao, the prince whose crown is to be saved and fought for by Gretchen Barreto (as Ashi Bati, the queen).
Khalil Ramos on the other hand who plays Kiko Salamat is entangled to a love story being the best friend of Mikay (Kathryn Bernardo) in the story. He was next to have given us the opportunity to unravel the person behind the character of Kiko. He still attends school at CSA (Colegio de San Agustin) though his principal was so considerate enough to give him pace and time to fulfill requirements at school. Khalil made me feel how he was properly trained by his parents about humility and personal relationships answering to every question politely and with tact. 
(video ganked from YouTube channel of Florencio P. Jusay Jr.)
Mikay (Kathryn Bernardo) was also so tactful and friendly despite the heat. She explained to us the challenges creating the character and she was humble before the regal and beautiful Ms. Gretchen Barreto. Like Enrique Gil and Khalil Ramos, she was grateful for the opportunity playing Mikay in Princess and I and she looks forward to every shoot of the teleserye everytime. I loved that her mom was always there to support every move she makes to properly guide her in every decision and every risk being an actress.
Finally, the long wait amidst the scorching heat of the sun at the set of Princess and I was the favorite of my students, Daniel Padilla. He is remarkably a Padilla with the gestures of his uncle Robin while he speaks and expresses his thoughts, candid and honest. He expresses his gratitude on his first album which turned Gold in a matter of two weeks after release and his role as Gino Dela Rosa, the love interest of Mikay (Kathryn Bernardo) in Princess and I. Daniel was too honest he shared every story of each song in the album including his fondest memory of his uncle who stood as his father all these years. I must say there should be no contest or contradiction to the claim of his mom, Karla Estrada that she has been the best mother of her children all these years because Daniel had shown best behavior at every given opportunity with such charm and thoughtfulness to every person he meets. He was, like what my students say, adorable and really handsome. I have completely understood my students' fascination over Daniel Padilla after meeting him for the second time. When I covered him in his first show, Growing Up, he was not so confident and timid but he gained more than that as an actor and a heartthrob last Saturday. Daniel is and I concur, a role model of the youth today, humble, honest and more importantly polite despite his circumstances.
Lo and behold, the bloggers were so fortunate to have interviewed the regal and flawless Ms. Gretchen Barreto. If she had walked out in some presscons Ms. Gretchen Barreto was so friendly and accommodating to the questions of the bloggers. Wearing a flowing silky white gown playing Ashi in Princess and I, Ms. Gretchen Barreto have daunted us all with her wit and spontaneity. She is as she wanted to be seen, evolved as an actress. In her words, she spoke of true wisdom learning from the experiences in showbiz enjoying the role she dreamt when she was still a child, a queen. She had learned so much and she really deserve such treatment, regal and proud. In the midst of class and press, she deserves the recognition for acquiring and learning the discipline to focus making every character she plays effective. After the interview, I have become a fan of the Regal Baby completely turned Regal as an actress. Ms. Gretchen Barreto was truly awesome with her parting words saying, "I want to be remembered not just a celebrity, not just a star. I want to be remembered as an actress". She smiled and laughed with us and stayed all throughout the interview. I must say, this is one of the most memorable interview I've ever had in my life with a Filipino celebrity. Such humility, class and wisdom deserve recognition I believe in her as she continues to improve her craft learning from the scenes with the young blood of the showbiz industry. 
I've learned and gained more than what I've expected covering the bloggers set visit at Princess and I last Saturday. Will the queen Ashi be more evil in the next episodes and when will Mikay be finally recognized as the princess long lost by her true parents in Princess and I? I am definitely excited for what will happen next in this teleserye only from ABS-CBN. With Gretchen Barreto and Daniel Padilla I've once again realized and I will strive to share to my students that not all stars are difficult to reach. It's in impeccable heart and words that every question will be answered. Humility and true family values really drive anyone to success, again - that's spelled A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E with flawless intent.
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