Event: Figaro launches new Breakfast Meals

Everything in one plate. My breakfast meal wish came when Figaro launched their new Breakfast Combos last week at Figaro Emerald branch Ortigas. Beef Tapa, Skinless Longganisa Marinated Bangus and Salted Egg Salad  in one plate with Figaro's new Filipino Breakfast Combo. The meal is unbelievably Php170 with your favorite coffee, herbal blend tea or iced tea with steamed rice topped with crunchy garlic bits. It's really everything I wanted in one plate. 
If it's not rice, Figaro offers Country Breakfast Sampler, a combo of pancakes, sliced smoked ham, honey bacon and scrambled eggs with a drizzle of sweet strawberry syrup to complete that breakfast meal dream. I loved the perfectly scrambled eggs which I never seemed to make at home because it's fluffy and yummy at every bite. 
Another breakfast meal to power your mornings is Figaro's French Toast Combo (Php170 with your choice of coffee, tea or iced tea), a plate of Hungarian sausage, Corned Beef, Hawaiian Sliced Ham, three French Toasts and perfectly scrambled eggs
Finally, Figaro offers sweet and meaty Arroz Ala Cubana (Php165 with your choice of coffee or iced tea), ground beef in tomato sauce, fried egg and banana plantain with steamed rice. All these are breakfast meals added to the delectable array of dishes served in Figaro, truly a lover of coffee from crop to the cup. If what they offer in fastfood and other restos is not enough to satisfy your craving for a real power breakfast, Figaro now offers you all these exciting breakfast samplers to perk your mornings. I really hope they will serve these meals all-day anytime of the day just like their breakfast meals before. I would love to share the Filipino Breakfast Sampler to all of my family and friends. My top choice is still the Filipino because of the perfect complete explosion of sweet, salty, sour, juicy and tasty longganisa, tapa, salted egg and bangus in one plate. All these are available at any Figaro stores starting July!