Event: ABS-CBN's Philharmonic Orchestra

Music is what makes every movie, every show and every program more powerful and effective. I've seen them first in the Icons at the Mall of Asia Arena last week and it isn't a wonder why they should be part of the growing family of ABS-CBN because every program needs the perfect music to wow the audience. I was privileged to watch ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra perform before the executives of the company last Friday at the Dolphy Theater. 
Being in the hall of the famous executives was a humbling experience but although it is quite intimidating like the Executive Director/Master Conductor Gerard Salonga said, it's okay to clap or shout at anytime to express appreciation which any normal philharmonic orchestra would normally not allow. I felt relieved after he introduced the orchestra to us. The intimidation was turned to awe and enlightenment at every song he explained how orchestra seemed to fade in the minds of the youth today. 
ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra aimed to reach the schools to relive the culture of orchestra among the youth and Maestro Gerard Salonga acknowledged the noble advocacy supported by the ABS-CBN executives. He started conducting the orchestra with classical songs including the ones that move us these years as soundtrack of Philippine TV programs and famous Hollywood and Pinoy movies. 
Towards the middle of the Kapamilya Concert of ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra, he introduced the upcoming Concert Master Ralph Taylan who played in violin one of the most memorable theme song from the movie of Steven Spielberg, "Schindler's List". I almost cried just like when I cried during the movie because the music was so powerful and dramatic. It was a rendition I will never forget. Then came the songs from the overture of the famous sister Lea Salonga's album, "Songs from Home" which Gerard discussed as tribute to OPM. 
Then Maestro Gerard Salonga invited the audience to sing along with the orchestra and since it was quite intimidating to be with the executives of ABS-CBN, everyone pushed from the audience, Richard Poon who took quite sometime to get up the stage and sing the Willy Cruz's song. It was so beautiful we wanted more but the next part of the concert was inviting a participant from the audience to be the conductor of the orchestra. One employee from ABS-CBN took the courage and finished conducting the orchestra to a Star Wars theme which we all enjoyed.
Hilarious because it was quite funny how he mustered the confidence to really conduct the orchestra but we were all at awe at the music and the orchestra's symphony of the Star Wars theme. It is a noble deed to reach the Filipino youth today erasing the thought that orchestra is only for the rich and the cultured. I am so excited to watch ABS-CBN visit the schools and how the children will appreciate orchestra. It will bring back the memories of wanting to play violin and all those instruments.
Little Lea (Nikole) seemed to have gained that excitement from the crowd going up on stage and asking mommy Lea Salonga with dad Robby to play violin. It was a humbling and inspiring moment being with the icons of music, Ms. Lea Salonga and Maestro Gerard Salonga.
Like little Nikole, I have gained inspiration and I have fallen in love with orchestra music once again and I hope to share the bliss and excitement to my students when I get back to work tomorrow. Although I missed my former student who's also a violinist, Victoria Regalario (Batch 2003), I will forever share the joys of classical music for an elated form of entertainment among the youth. Hats off to ABS-CBN for raising the bar in Philippine music and entertainment through their very own Philharmonic Orchestra
Thank you ABS-CBN for the opportunity to witness such a spectacular event at Kapamilya Concert of ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra last Friday. Kids, what's this instrument called? Hmm?
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  1. Salamat din po Sir! Hope to see you again!

  2. Victoria Regalario1:49 AM

    Hi Mam Bonsol! Victoria Regalario here! they are all my friends, I worked with them in 2010..they know me as "TORI". I am now with another orchestra po... Wow, naalala ako ni Maam.=) sweet! Enjoy our music! love love!

    Thank you Mam Bonsol! Take care always!

    Journroom~~~hiding place!

  3. salamat anak.. of course I will never forget the little girl who wowed the Regional Presscon ages ago.. I do love you anak and good luck! Love you!


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