Kraft Foods Philippines wins Gold in 4th Global CSR Awards

Kraft Foods Philippines' Go Green Program recently bagged Gold Award for Environmental Excellence at the 4th Global CSR Awards 2012. Organized by the Pinnacle Group International based in Singapore, the event was held in Boracay last April 19, 2012 when the Global CSR Awards, Asia's most prestigious recognition awards program for corporate social responsibility gave Kraft Foods Philippines the acclaimed Gold Award for Environmental Excellence with Go Green Program. This is the 5th award that Kraft Foods has received for its Go Green program in two years as it continues to aim helping the preservation of the environment by ensuring that reducing, recovering and recycling precious resources is part of their business. Go Green of Kraft Foods' use of water and energy and lessening its carbon emissions was recognized with its state-of-the-art water recycling facility.
Kraft Foods Philippines inaugurated its improved water facility last March in Sucat, ParaƱaque manufacturing plant utilizing reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light to treat the water that Kraft Foods uses in its production activities. With the new facility, Kraft Foods will use less fresh water and help in preserving this natural resource since the amount of water  equivalent to filling up 4 Olympic-sized swimming pools or 581,000 5-gallon containers of water be will reduced. Making every drop reusable should also be practiced not just in big companies like Kraft Foods but at home. Such an inspiring news and recognition of environmental preservation efforts should be spread forward and motivate more people to value fresh water. The new improved water recycling facility will now use treated water instead of fresh water in watering plants or other maintenance tasks. The specific water however ensures that treated water meets the high quality standards that Kraft Foods needs for its manufacturing activities. 
Kraft Foods Philippines Operations Director Gautam Pal said also that they have been a community partner of ParaƱaque since plant opened in 1963 and the improved water facility will also help the community be motivated to use less water contributing to the community's effort to save water resources. Soon, Kraft Foods Philippines will be installing biomass boilers, or those which use alternative energy sources, to reduce carbon footprint even more. It is high time all the time to Go Green. Let the inspiration go forward in saving our natural resources. Be more inspired with Kraft Foods Philippines efforts, visit for more details.