A happy and sweet A-GanTea experience with friends

Milk Tea can be so addictive. It could be the health benefits, taste or the sinkers that keep me wanting for more of that milky, bitter, sweet taste in milk tea. While the world awaited Lady Gaga in Manila, I was happy receiving GCs from my good friend, Flow since I missed attending the media launch of A-GanTea last week. So after the grand presscon of "Born To Love You" with blogger friends,
I did not hesitate to try A-GanTea at Greenbelt 2, Makati last May 16, 2012. Together with a group of milk tea addict blogger friends, it was a happy and sweet experience having a taste of their delectable variety of milk teas.
I was given a heads up that they've all tried the bestseller Hawaiian Fruit Tea and Grass Jelly Milk Tea so I ordered another milk tea-based drink called, QQ Milk Tea with Black Pearl sinkers and Roselle with Honey Tea each at P90/Large. 
Like the other milk tea places, we were given each a pager that lights and vibrates when our drinks are all ready for pick-up at the counter. I was too happy that I need not add extra bucks for the sinkers and that all their drinks have particular sinkers to go well with the blend of the teas. We started having a long chat about foreigners and celebrities while we waited for our milk teas.
Seated beside a group of foreigners and a water fountain, we laughed out loud at jokes and stories involving the celebrities we saw that day. It only took a quick five minutes and our drinks were all ready for pick-up. 
It's quite a cozy and chic milk tea place beside Qoola in Greenbelt and what makes the teas different from all the other milk tea places in the country is that they are true to their claim that their white and black pearls are softer and more chewy and they serve real fruit teas and fresh selected tea leaves from the Ali Mountains. You can taste the difference of the texture in the bitterness and the sweetness.  The perfect blend of sweetness and milkiness plus those chewy and soft tapioca pearls will make you want to get more. I love also that the Roselle Honey Tea uses real Roselle Tea with Honey jelly at the bottom to give you that sweet and tangy sour flavor. Roselle Tea as we have been introduced in other milk tea places is said to be good for  reducing bad cholesterol in the body. Now that's good news for people like me who wants to monitor bad cholesterol. 
It's really sweet and happy experience being with friends sharing all those sweet and happy choices of drinks at A-GanTea. I can't wait to get some of those Cranberry Fruit Tea next time to help me with my kidneys and more of their delicious QQ Milk Tea with Black Pearls. 
Love the sweetness and share the happy thought now that A-GanTea is in the Philippines! Oh and the place is perfect with FREE WIFI! It's really a happy place!
For more information:
A-GanTea is located at Greenbelt 2 Park, Ayala Center, Makati, Philippines. Call 751-3338 or visit their Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/AGanTeaPH for more details.