Event: Unilever Food Solutions and WFP to provide school meals for 40,000 students in Central Mindanao

For Pinoys to donate money to World Food Programme of the United Nations may be hard but eating a sandwich at your favorite fast food chain may be the easiest way to help the campaign on hunger of school children in Central Mindanao. I've learned more about Unilever Food Solution's other services attending the Sandwich Heroes Campaign at the Cilantro Kitchen at Unilever Food Solutions Office at United Nations Avenue, Manila last Friday.
It takes only P10 for a school pupil in Central Mindanao to be fed lunch everyday and it's not easy raising funds to help ease hunger in that area. It was heartwarming to listen to Mr. Stephen Anderson, WFP Philippines Representative and Country Director expressing his gratitude to Unilever for its longstanding partnership with WFP in the country. The donation will allow WFP to feed 40,000 children under its school meals programme in conflict-related areas of Central Mindanao particularly in Maguindanao, Lanao del Sur and Lanao Del Norte.
I remembered him saying that hunger isn't simply no available food for each person and accessibility to food which is difficult for conflict-related areas in Mindanao need more help than those who are in the urban areas of Metro Manila. Thirteen restaurants, Bigg's Diner, Cibo, The Coffee Experience, Coffee Break, Figaro, Hotshots, JD Bakeshop, KFC, Mushroomburger, The Flying Pig, Holy Cow and The Sandwich Guy participated in help raising the P400,000 fund offering their signature or best sandwiches for the campaign.  
Unilever Food Solutions also shared great news of soon be releasing food product packs with Sandwich Heroes campaign to help raise more funds to WFP. I really hope more restaurants will participate not just because I love sandwiches in other restos but because we need to address hunger in the Philippines. Hunger is the basic cause of all school children's poor academic performance in school. My own way of feeding at least two hungry high school students in Lagro HS everyday is not enough to ease the hunger statistics in the country. Why can't we have a sandwich at all these participating restaurants and help World Food Programme fulfill their mission in the country? Hats off to Unilever Food Solutions for the action contributing a total of US$17.7 million since 2006 to WFP and hats off also to World Food Programme not failing to look for resources to feed the hungry. I'm more confident getting that Figaro Club Sandwich now. It's healthy with all the veggies, meaty with such delectable fillings and more importantly now helpful on saving hungry school children in Central Mindanao. Have your Twister, Figaro Club and other sandwiches offered at Bigg's Diner, Cibo, The Coffee Experience, Coffee Break, Hotshots, JD Bakeshop, KFC and Mushroomburger and save a hungry school pupil now.