Event: TV5's Kanta Pilipinas launches online host Petra Mahalimuyak!

It's now or not yet. I love Petra Mahalimuyak's style of language, antics and spontaneous hilarious behavior and it is no wonder why she had gained more than 10 million views in her YouTube channel. Ashley Rivera aka Petra Mahalimuyak, the new endorser of Globe, Dove Shampoo and Samsung is now the online host of TV5's biggest and newest singing reality search, Kanta Pilipinas. After the on-ground auditions at Cagayan De Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Baguio, SM North EDSA and Batangas, Kanta Pilipinas announced the extension of online auditions til June.
Bloggers who attended the launch of Petra Mahalimuyak as online host enjoyed the variety of dishes prepared and grilled sumptuous seafood and meat at Roboto San Japanese Grill Buffet at Bonifacio Global City. 
Another first of Kanta Pilipinas is the feature of online auditions at #KPniPetra webisodes. For the first time, auditions and the culture of Filipinos on singing reality search will be explored and shown online for all to watch, learn and share. Aiming to particularly show how each contestant gets selected at auditions and how judges' screen aspirants that more Filipinos will be aware of at #KPniPetra webisodes
What does it take to be in Kanta Pilipinas? Is birit still what we need to wow the audience on stage? #KPniPetra webisodes with Petra Mahalimuyak would like to also give chances to contestants who did not get the judges' approval at auditions and it is through these webisodes that hopefuls will realize what completely went wrong and right during auditions. TV5's Kanta Pilipinas would like to give more chances to many who heeds opportunity to be a star. Every week, two or three webisodes will be shown at Kanta Pilipinas website to update the viewers on the latest and most exciting information about the show. 
Ashley Rivera became the famous Petra Mahalimuyak YouTube sensation after a long struggle failing at different talent auditions and she made it big and got the world's attention using her unique skills and comedic language. She is the role model on what it takes to make a difference when it comes to defining Filipino talent. It is important to watch and share #KPniPetra webisodes so more hopefuls will learn what best to do at auditions and seize the opportunity to scour the nation to sing at Kanta Pilipinas.
Online auditions are still accepted until June so visit www.kantapilipinas.com, like Kanta Pilipinas Facebook Page, subscribe to Kanta Pilipinas YouTube channel and follow @Kanta_Pilipinas on Twitter. Believe in the Filipino talent and inspire more Filipinos at Kanta Pilipinas. This may be your time to shine!Kanta mo, Kwento mo, Kapatid! Soon on TV5!