Event: TSND calls on all to heed the need of more than 4M Pinoy deaf

Those who can hear may simply pass skimming this article like a simple sign of pity to the other differently-abled Filipinos in the country. I have met the most passionate and inspiring hearing-impaired George Taylor once again after last year's plan to install the V-Pad (Video Relay Service) in our school. V-Pad is the groundbreaking technology to provide access of communication among HIs. This convenient teleconference sign language interpreting service made by the Telecommunications Service Network for the Deaf (TSND) should actually be a good opportunity for the 4 million hearing-impaired Filipinos to communicate with relatives, possible employers and officials which is what ideally our Disability Law stated (R.A. 7277).
Last May 3, 2012, George Taylor, TSND Chairman who graduated with BS degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering in DLSU Manila introduced the V-Pad Video Relay Service technology to the media at the HI-friendly The Cheese Steak Shop in Makati with a fund-raising campaign called Visual Music Carnival to be held at Amoranto Stadium on May 12, 2012. The Visual Music Carnival event at Amoranto Stadium is hoping to provide at least 5 stations with V-pad in public schools. I've watched him clang the doors of the local government and it was only Bagong Henerasyon party-list representative Hon. Bernadette Herrera-Dy who passed the bill entitled "Video Relay Service- House Bill No. 5670". A more inspiring moment happened when some of the cosplayers who attended the event mentioned some of their comrades are hearing-impaired and would support the music carnival event on May 19, 2012.
While having a real authentic cheese steak sandwich in their signature Amoroso Roll (always fresh and consistent in texture and taste) from the U.S., I had an opportunity to talk to Ms. Mai Uy whose brother is also a comrade of George. I was at awe hearing her say almost all service crew staff trained to communicate with the HIs. I've shared passion about the hearing-impaired after having a classroom across the special education class with students who always greet me every morning at school and after the advocacy of Persons With Disability by Councilor Alfred Vargas. You don't need to have a disability to share the same passion because it's easy to relate as long as you can imagine how it feels like to hear nothing.
You do not need to be impaired to understand how important it is to enjoin in their cause. Come and join our differently-abled friends on May 12, 2012 at Amoranto Stadium for Visual Music Carnival. Help raise funds to get the V-Pad in public schools. The Visual Music Carnival event is being presented to you by Geiser Maclang, Aloha Board Sports, Amway, Gala, The Cheese Steak Shop and other sponsors. Be there on May 12, 2012 and witness a spectacular visual entertainment by our famous and talented His. See you there!