Event: Help fight undernutrition with Kraft's Tiger at Bulong Pulungan sa Sofitel

Just in time before the opening of classes is the discussion about the country's status on Filipino kids nutrition at Bulong Pulungan sa Sofitel with the country's greatest minds. Since most moms give importance only to the 3 main meals for kids - breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks leave children the freedom to choose what is available in the school canteen. According to the 7th National Nutrition Survey conducted by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST), only 21.5 percent meet or almost 4 out of 5 kids ages 6-12 do not meet their daily energy needs. This is the very reason also why most kids in the public schools have weak immune system, poor growth and development and diseases.
I have featured this in our school paper that poor performance of kids in school is due to their undernutrition.
Kraft's commissioned research showed the importance of providing the nutrients lacking the children's diet in school and what was discussed by the FNRI on fortification of food products is needed to help meet and address those needs. 
The list of FNRI does not include those products available to school children except that of Kraft's Tiger Energy Biscuit which has 9 vitamins and minerals. I have always bought Kraft's Tiger Energy Biscuit especially when my campus journalists join contests because it's made of wheat and milk. I have realized that I've made the right choice feeding my students Kraft Tiger Energy Biscuits when the forum discussed the health benefits of eating Tiger especially early in the morning. My students every year always have to wake up at 4 to assemble at 5am and most of their moms do not prepare heavy breakfast meals because kids do not have the appetite to eat a lot in the morning. 
I have also constantly made Kraft Tiger Energy Biscuits as reward in my classes since I've found giving these biscuits more effective as a tool to get kids doing paperwork in our journalism classes. Public school children love biscuits and they will prefer this over chips since Kraft Tiger Energy Biscuit is so cheap. I've really made the right choice because Kraft Tiger Energy Biscuit has Enermaxx - 9 vitamins and 6 minerals. That's Vitamin A, D, E, B1, B2, B6, B9 and B12 and the minerals Calcium, Iron, Iodine, Magnesium, Selenium and Zinc. 15 essential micronutrients from just a pack of Tiger Energy Biscuit should help the child build strong bones, strengthen immunity and promote growth. I love the chocolate although the vanilla flavor is also so delicious. 
Near the end of the forum, Mrs. Charito Planas also pledged testimonies of how Kraft Tiger Energy Biscuit helped her lose weight and manage her sugar levels. No wonder the elders may also love Kraft Tiger Energy Biscuit because of its wheat content that lessens the bad cholesterol and adequate fiber to remove toxins in the body. 
Mothers should be more aware of what they give their kids especially this coming school-year. Stack your kids baon with Kraft Tiger Energy Biscuits because it's the best choice to help kids have the proper nutrition. Masarap na, Tama pa ang nutrisyon sa Tiger!

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