Event: Have fun being Fit, Sexy and Beautiful at Sexy Solutions, Beyond Yoga and Kryolan Professional Make-up Il Terrazo Mall QC

Now it's more fun to be fit, sexy and beautiful. My fears of working out were all turned to excitement after finally attending a lifestyle and wellness event by Sexy Solutions by Belo, Beyond Yoga and Anti-Gravity Yoga and Kryolan Make-up at Il Terrazo Mall, Quezon City last week. We arrived at the 3rd floor of Il Terrazo Mall in Tomas Morato QC being greeted by no other than Ms. Cristalle Henares who was so accommodating.She invited us all at Sexy Solutions Clinic by Belo
I was surprised at Cristalle's passion to share what she had learned all these years from her mom Vicky Belo and what they do best at Sexy Solutions. My fear of surgical liposuction disappeared when she discussed the non-surgical procedures they offer at Sexy Solutions. Ms. Cristalle was so admirable explaining in detail Bursting Fat with Lipo-Cavitation, Tightening the Skin with Multi-Frim, Toning the Muscle with Body Sculpt and Kiling the Fat with TiteFX. What's important to realize from Sexy Solutions is that they do not just provide you with procedures, they make you understand that you are availing of a change of lifestyle without needles. They also support you with dietary and work-out needs to completely maintain your sexy body. 
At first, they'll explain fat and what you want to get rid of. I've learned a lot also from Resident Nutritionist-Chef of the Biggest Loser- Pinoy Edition, Ms. Nadine Tengco who explained the fallacies about rice and how we can still enjoy eating it while losing weight. She taught us of simple recipes to make us understand how we consume rice and its effects to the body. Now I will always eat cool rice over those steaming hot cold rice to make the carbohydrates work for me and not transform as fat in my bloodstream. 
Then came the talk from the handsome and sexy Mr. Edward Mendez who shared the importance of simple steps for workout to maintain a sexy body at Sexy Solutions. He explained how repetitions can gain more endurance and strength to make the muscles firm and avoid sagging after every treatment at Sexy Solutions by Belo.
Our group visited next Beyond Yoga's Anti-Gravity Yoga gym located at the corner. With the cloth hammock that can carry the heaviest body alive, they showed us simple steps how to experience Anti-Gravity Yoga. They also offer different types of yoga for those who want to keep the lifestyle to be sexy but what's most interesting is really the Anti-Gravity Yoga. I didn't attend the launch last year with blogger friends and I was scared that with my condition, it will definitely be impossible to avail of the service but I was proven wrong. It is still good for me because at the position where my body is suspended in the air upside down, it can actually gain me more strength to lift my body. That day I've realized that with Anti-Gravity Yoga, you'd become more conscious of your body. The psyche and how we feel about our body dictates our actions as a person and with Anti-Gravity Yoga by Beyond Yoga, you'd completely experience and feel every little muscle of your body to the extent that you'd completely be more conscious how fat had made your body so heavy all these years. 
There may be some poses or positions that I cannot do because of my condition but I can safely say that trying out Anti-Gravity Yoga will give you a different perspective about yoga and workout. It's always fun to be suspended in the air and knowing that you're gaining strength and agility while having fun gives you that happy thought to buy the idea. It's really fun and safe.
Last shop we visited was Kryolan Professional Make-up. Responsible for the colorful and creative make-up of the stars, Cirque du Soleil, America's Next Top Model etc, Kryolan Professional Make-up does not just cater to the biggest production and celebrities. They also offer services for personal celebrations, events, stage plays and other services where professional make-up is needed. They did a make-over with blogger Joan Tan who looked stunningly beautiful after. I loved that they used the metallic shades which has Vitamin E and other beauty products guaranteed safe for the skin. I got interested also with zombie make-up kits available at their shop in Il Terrazo Mall. 
My night of Fit, Sexy and Beautiful at Il Terrazo Mall Tomas Morato concluded with a trial of Sexy Solution's Lipo-Cavitation, Body Sculpt and TiteFX with the beautiful ladies from Belo. Lipo-Cavitation did not hurt a bit. It was just strange hearing those sounds in your ear while the machine is gently massaging your skin. Body Sculpt made me feel happy with such massage on my arms. Using three machines in varying degrees of intensity, I felt my flab shaken for a while and it felt like an inch taken away instantly. 
The last machine and the most interesting of all was Sexy Solution's Kill the Fat-TiteFX machine on my body. First in the Philippines brought by Ms. Vicky Belo, it literally kills the fat without surgery. At first I've felt the suction on my skin and my fat being shaken and suddently some tingling the inside making me feel a house of fat bursted. It is what it promised and it's one procedure you'd never want to miss at Sexy Solutions. We were told that availing once a week of the TiteFX is the safest to lose weight. No wonder Raymond Gutierrez lost all those flabs in his body when I last saw him at the Globe event. We thought he was Richard and we were all surprised to notice it was Raymond and he did it with Sexy Solutions. Their newest endorser Georgina Wilson came from a 29" waist and down to a 25" after Sexy Solutions treatment. After my real experience at the machines, I can safely say it's safe, it's easy and it's definitely not painful having a non-surgical Lipo-Cavitation, Body Sculpt and Tite-FX at Sexy Solutions
Now it's really more fun to be Fit, Sexy and Beautiful with Beyond Yoga, Anti-Gravity Yoga, Sexy Solutions by Belo and Kryolan Professional Make-up at Il Terrazo Mall in Tomas Morato Quezon City.
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