Event: Clara Ole Ora Mix Mo, Sinangag Fest - Join the "Rice to Fame"!

Clara Ole makes it easy all the time to prepare meals. Now my sister will even be more grateful Clara Ole has made fried rice to pride rice with Ora Mix Mo Specialty Fried Rice Mix. It was a happy fiesta celebration attending the Clara Ole Ora Mix Mo Sinangag Fest media launch last Friday at 55 Events Place, Quezon City with fellow bloggers.
Hosted by Suzi Entrata-Abreira, Clara Ole's Ora Mix Mo specialty fried rice mix in Java Rice, Japanese Fried Rice, Paella Rice, Beefsteak Rice, Tocino Rice and Adobo Rice variants was featured in cook-offs participated by the media with Chef Sandy Daza, Chef Eugene Raymundo and Junior Master Chef Champion Kyle Imao. Clara Ole promotes the Filipino food tourism with Sinangag Fest - a cook-off tour in different regions of the country featuring the said chefs. They will be in 100 public market to search for the best 100 Clara Ole Ora Mix Mo Sinangag Recipes. To qualify, simply purchase any Clara Ole Ora Mix Mo Specialty Fried Rice mix variant and create your own fried rice recipe using the variant of your choice at no restriction on the added ingredients to the mix. Your recipe will be presented to SinangagFest Roving Public Market Caravan where a group of panelists will select the top five Sinangag Recipes per participating public market.
20 Clara Ole Ora Mix Mo Sinangag Recipes each from Pampanga, Olongapo, Nueva Ecija and GMA plus 10 Clara Ole Ora Mix Mo Sinangag Recipes each from Cebu and Davao will be selected to be presented in the city-wide Sinangag Fest. They'll be conducting "Live Sinangag Cooking" and "Sampling" Ora Mix Mo Sinangag Fest to be included in the "100 Ways to Cook Your Sinangag" cookbook. 
I've tried Clara Ole's Specialty Fried Rice Mix (Paella variant) and it was so convenient and really delicious just simply sauteeing all the seafood cuts without fear. I was too happy that I need no other ingredient except the Clara Ole's Specialty Fried Rice Mix and those pre-cut seafood cut pack when I want a quick paella rice dish fix at home. I didn't know that Tocino variant was also so delicious with other meat and vegetables. I've learned more how to use the Clara Ole Ora Mix Mo Specialty Fried Rice Mix after the sample recipes done by Chef Sandy, Chef Eugene and Chef Kyle Imao last Friday. It was a happy fried rice day Friday and I am more confident cooking the left-over rice for my family and friends. 
It's a friendly fried rice mix because you can get those left-over rice and turn it into a special dish with Clara Ole Ora Mix Mo Specialty Fried Rice Mix. I am more confident in preparing delicious dishes now with Clara Ole. While my sister continues to brag about her Carbonara with Clara Ole's Pasta Carbonara Mix, I'd be showing off my Paella Fried Rice when we meet next month. I'd practice using the Japanese Fried Rice variant of Clara Ole Ora Mix Mo Specialty Fried Rice Mix so I can join the cook-off tour soon in Greater Manila Area. Little chef Kyle Imao gave me more inspiration that day. Join Clara Ole's Ora Mix Mo Sinangag Fest! Here's the schedule:
AREA                                                         DATE
GMA run - 4 public markets                        May 21-25, 2012
Sinangag Fest in GMA                                 May 25, 2012
Pampanga Run- 4 public markets                 May 28- June 3, 2012
Sinangag Fest in Pampanga                          June 3, 2012
Olongapo Run - 4 public markets                 June 4-10, 2012
Sinangag Fest in Olongapo                          June 10, 2012
Cavite Run- 4 public markets                       June 11-17, 2012
Sinangag Fest in Cavite                                June 17, 2012
To join, simply go to the Facebook App in Clara Ole's Ora Mix Mo Facebook Page and follow instructions to submit your recipes. Why would you miss it? Clara Ole's Ora Mix Mo Specialty Fried Rice Mix is at Php 11.15 (30g good for 2-4 cups of cooked rice) and Php 36.00 (120g good for 8-12 cups of cooked rice). Read the mechanics and enjoy your fried rice dishes. Get more information on turning your fried rice to pride rice. Visit www.claraole.com and follow updates in Clara Ole's Facebook Page.