Event: A call for responsible social media and blogging on 2013 elections at Balitaan sa Tinapayan

Just a few minutes when Raymart Santiago, Claudine Barreto and Mon Tulfo was in a brawl at NAIA, the regular press attendees with Former LTO Chairman Bert Suansing, Richard Mamuyac (www.mapanghingikaba.blogspot.com)and I were being interviewed at Balitaan sa Tinapayan about the Role of Social Media in the Coming Midterm Elections on 2013.
It started with a light conversation on the interest of the traditional media present last Sunday at Tinapayan Festival bakery in Manila on bloggers. Moderator DZMM Radio Reporter, veteran radio commentator Mr. Ricky Velasco asked what exactly is blogging and how does one become a blogger. Referred by a fellow blogger Richard Mamuyac, I was too excited at his interest and the others who are skeptic about the role of bloggers in the society. Very few actually know what the source of news these days come from but many of them agree that those seen viral on the internet become news the following day. Richard and I agreed sharing to all who attended that bloggers are easiest and most convenient beat for news because they are simply everywhere. Citizen journalism is already alive with all news networks enjoining all Filipinos in sharing their photos and videos newsworthy and relevant to the society. For while they grew interest on how bloggers earn and become influential online, I've stressed the importance on responsibility. Responsible journalism should also be practiced by not just bloggers and social media users.
Ironic how Mr. Bert Suansing who advocates road safety awareness used the word "tanga" referring to the drivers who are not trained and well-taught about road signs and regulations. We need to educate voters as much as we need to educate those who use the social media and those who drive on the roads these days. We do not blog about simply anything we want and anything we feel like complaining. We do not simply drive everywhere not reading the signs and not being aware of the road rules. We do not post status updates just because we feel like saying it that time because Google will always keep the feed even if we deleted it. Impulsive reactions and strong emotions may lead us to accidents, brawl like that of the viral video "Thrilla at NAIA" about Raymart, Claudine and Mon Tulfo. Like what Mr. Bert Suansing had said last Sunday on road safety awareness, "There is no such thing as accidents because everyone has a choice not to give in to your emotions or impulsiveness". Raymart, Claudine and Mon Tulfo had a choice but they chose to be swept by anger. We do not blame the heavens nor the supermoon for the lunacy last Sunday because neither did the action that made news that day. Now, there goes the buzz and the litigation process that will definitely cost more of their time, their money and definitely more than what they complained at Cebu Pacific. Imagine if they had settled the issue with responsibility and patience. Responsibility should not just remain a word among Filipinos. My own lesson? Be impeccable with your word. I will keep reminding myself and my students. Ayokong ibato ang tinapay sa Tinapayan Festival, ang sarap ng ube ensaymada, promise!