Event: Angeline Quinto lives her dream to be with Coco Martin in "Born to Love You"

Wonder what you were born to do? It's always a great experience empathizing with characters in a movie and Angeline Quinto's undaunting talent in singing is now into acting in her first movie with Coco Martin in Cinemedia and Star Cinema's 19th anniversary presentation, "Born to Love You". Starring Angeline Quinto as Joey and Coco Martin as Rex whose love story is what we can all relate to with Albert Martinez, Malou De Guman, Al Tantay, Eula Valdez with the special participation of Tonton Gutierrez.
It was a strange feeling attending the presscon with the hilarious and honest Angeline sharing her joy about the dream come true in a movie with Coco Martin. It felt strange seeing Malou De Guzman who used to be the landlady of my Korean students twenty years ago in UP Bliss and Albert Martinez whose youngest sister Bernadette graduated in the same year with me in UP Diliman.
Angeline Quinto was so funny and so humble answering to all questions by the press. She made us all laugh at the story on how many times she had kissing scenes with Coco Martin who is at the moment the most popular drama actor in the country. Angeline plays Joey, a tourist guide in search of her true father. It seemed like her own autobiography because Angeline never really met her biological father being raised by her grandmother she calls, "Mama". Coco Martin's role as Rex, the photographer who struggled his way to survive is also interesting not just because of his hairstyle in the movie but his character getting into arguments with Angeline (Joey) which creates the "kilig" factor. Director Jerome Chavez-Pobocan, "Born To Love You" said it was quite challenging to have Angeline act with Coco since her field of expertise was only singing.
I would recommend all my friends and family to watch "Born to Love You" because Angeline should be commended for her efforts to inspire more youth to have hope and success in life. Despite the truths and struggles, Angeline Quinto strives to make a difference with Coco Martin whose roots also came from unfortunate circumstances. It is a movie of hope, love and inspiration that many should exude especially during this summer heat and the continued unfortunate series of events in politics, society and social media. I truly believe we should support our fellow Filipino artists and we should always watch our very own Filipino movies above all shiznits from Hollywood. Don't miss the grand red carpet premiere of "Born to Love You" on May 29, 2012 at SM Megamall Cinema 9. "Born to Love You" opens on May 30 in over 100 theaters nationwide.