No white marks on the face and body frolicking at the beach with Sun Protec!

Cheap and handy was what I needed my son to bring on a swimming trip he and his friends did last week. I was happy that a blogger friend, Rey Belen gave me SunProtec Sunblock Face and Body White Gel (P219/90ml). It was cheaper than what I used to buy just in time for the summer swimming party he just attended and I was surprised that it's gel. 
My son was confident wearing them at beach and swimming parties with his friends. I can't wait to use them also on our next beach adventure this month. The SPF (protection factor) of SunProtec at 60 is dermatologically-tested to help reduce the risk of skin damage and aging. Another product of Kohl Industries, SunProtec also has a broad spectrum of protection and is applicable to any skin type. 
It's hypoallergenic, practical to use, safe on all types of skin and it's everything my son needs outdoors. He used to shy away from camera because his skin was burned last summer in Palawan. Last week's photos showed the smile that I needed to signal another beach trip. I am more thankful with SunProtec because we need not be afraid of showing sunblock white marks on the face while taking beautiful pictures of our summer escapades. 
Who knows where we'd bring SunProtec next? I will definitely plan to go another place we have not been and we will bring SunProtec with us. It promises you of a fun-filled shameless summer escapade photo with easy, practical and safe sunblock protection. 
How to use it? Apply generously and evenly unto skin 15 minutes before sun exposure and re-apply at frequent intervals after swimming and towel drying. SunProtec is all-in-one sunblock that can be applied to face and body instead of the other sunblock products sold separately and pricey. Available in 40, 60 and 90ml bottles in easy-to-carry designs, SunProtec is available in Mercury, Shopwise and Rustans for only Php139(40ml), Php199(60ml) and Php219(90ml). For more information: please like their Facebook Fan Page at or follow them on Twitter @kohlproducts. Visit for more details.