Event: Sulit.com.ph launches first TVC "Hanap, Usap, Deal"

Who would've thought how Sulit.com.ph started? I was inspired again to spread the word about passion and commitment about entrepreneurship with Sulit.com.ph's Co-Founder after attending the media launch of it's first TVC last Wednesday at EDSA Shangrila Plaza Hotel. RJ David is only 31 years old! I've been a member of Sulit.com.ph (Sulitizen) for years now and I started with just simply looking for second hand stuff I needed for school. From what used to be a source of options and choices for buying great deals is now a search portal sure to provide more Filipino SMEs more opportunities. Sulit had really grown so much now.
Changes in the interface, the tabs and categories were minimal except the big news that my favorite portion had been deleted- Personals. I used to laugh about ads posted with lost souls looking for love and according to Co-Founder and Managing Director RJ David, they had to remove the said category because of morality and legal issues received at their office. They really mean serious business and it was so inspiring listening to how the company began. In a span of five years, Sulit.com.ph had became the number one online classified ads search portal worldwide. 
I have been satisfied with sulit.com.ph's services after the first deal of buying second hand phones and home rentals because of the convenience using the platform. My Canadian best friend who regularly uses the page for her pearls business also referred to me great deals on travel packages she had tried so many would ask, why would they still need a TVC?The users can avail of posting free ads and deal without frills and I have never heard of any of my friend complained about sulit.com.ph's system. Like what they have all said in the media launch, it's the commitment to enjoin everyone about sulit.com.ph's existence and convenience. I really love the idea that they want to continually help their shareholders and those who need a heads up on their businesses. My students and my friends should see the opportunity they can use from sulit.com.ph now especially what I have personally gained posting announcements and ads about my blog and clients in the social media.
With more than four million page views and 450,000 unique visitors daily, sellers are able to grow their business and enter new markets. I am actually enjoying this fact because my ads are gaining exposure exponentially with private messages working for my ad's advantage. Although I am not using Sulit Gold purchasing additional features and services, I am happy with the responses and the page views daily. I was more inspired to hear that Sulit.com.ph had received prestigious awards like Best E-Business Website from the 12th Philippine Web Awards and the Business Excellence Award Special Award from Go Negosyo and other accolades.
When I had a chance to talk to RJ David about my passion to share the inspiration to my students and other campus writers in Quezon City about his story and how to succeed with SME online, he was kind enough to share his contact details and happy about my proposal to share in training the public high school students during summer vacation. Although I did not win the Samsung Galaxy Note, Iphone 4S and Ipad 2 raffle, I was so grateful for inspiration I've learned from RJ David and the media launch of sulit.com.ph's TVC. 
Great news! You can actually win a New Ipad and a Brand New 2012 Honda City by sharing their TVC to your FB or Twitter! Here's how:
Joining is as easy as 1-2-3!
1. On the promo page, fill in the box with your comment about the Sulit TV Commercial then click the “Share your answer on your FB Timeline along with the Sulit TVC” button to allow the video and your comment to be posted on your Facebook Timeline.
*Note: If you click this button and you aren’t signed-in to your Facebook account, a message asking you to sign-in will appear on your screen. If you are signed-in, click “Allow” to make the Sulit TVC appear on your Facebook Timeline. This confirmation will only appear on your account's first integration with the Sulit.com.ph application.

2. Another confirmation from Facebook will appear. Make sure to set your privacy to 'public' so your post can be viewed publicly. Then click the 'Go to App' button. This confirmation will only appear on your account's first integration with the Sulit.com.ph application.
3. Next, click the 'Allow' button to permit the application to post on your behalf. This confirmation will only appear on your account's first integration with the Sulit.com.ph application.

This is how it should appear. I've gained raffle entry after I posted in my FB Timeline. Join now, more shares means more chances of winning a New Ipad and a Brand New 2012 Honda City Car!
For more information, please visit www.sulit.com.ph