Event: PBB Big 4 Bloggers Meet

Slater, Biggel, Pamu and Paco. Four big names of PBB we've all watched and related to have gone out of the house and out for opportunities. It was my first time and the first time for bloggers to meet the PBB Big 4 last week at the PBB House. With just a few of us in the room with the Big 4, I was hesitant to ask the first question. The big winner, Cebuano engineer Slater will be in shows and programs the whole year and will probably be in movies soon. Biggel and Paco will also be in shows and projects while Pamu expressed her plans to go back to school.
Before meeting them last week, I had a big sympathy to Biggel because of his roots and his innocence. It was heart-warming to hear them express their sincerity and humility after achieving such fame. Pamu reminded me of my former student, so pretty and sexy and very amiable. Every mom would want a daughter like Pamu, obedient and simple. I have no competence in judging which character suits to what role in movies but Pamu can play Alma Moreno's movies. My favorite Biggel whose personality is like my son, may need a lot of training but his good looks and his commitment to improvement will open more doors for him. 
He told us how he tried to connect with his father and how he had accepted his fate growing up with his grandmother whom he will always support. Biggel is one role model we would want to follow. I would want to watch Biggel together with a big celebrity who's out of his league. I wonder how he'd perform as himself together with my favorite Karylle? Just a thought but two opposites worked in the past and there may be other plans for him better than my imagination.
Paco may have played the antagonist but like what I've told him, he is the favorite of moms. People who think love the character of Paco in PBB, smart, witty and skeptic. Paco is my Kevin Spacey and I would love to see him play characters that's provocative and daring.
Not too many people are given a chance to cover and meet the PBB in person and I am truly grateful. Meeting the PBB Big 4 reminded me of my parenting skills and teaching in public school. Contrary to the speculations, Paco, Pamu, Biggel and Slater are real people with real stories that'll inspire the youth to hope and succeed despite struggles. Hats off to ABS-CBN for creating shows that will make more youth led to the right direction in life. Don't miss the Homecoming of the Big 4 slated to be shown in ABS-CBN soon. They want to connect and interact to all so keep following Slater and Biggel on Twitter @thatguyslater, @iamjosephbiggel, and the official Twitter account of the Big 4, @OfficialPBB4
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  1. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Correction lang po sa write up...Biggel's official twitter account is @iamjosephbiggel. Thanks for the nice write up on Biggel and the rest of the Big 4. :)

  2. daisy1:54 PM

    thank you sa magandang comment sa knla lalo na kay biggel..

  3. Anonymous2:44 PM

    thank you for the good comments kay Biggel... sobrang bait nya :)

  4. Anonymous3:08 PM

    thank you for liking and loving biggel maam. sana more write ups pa po kay biggel salamat

  5. Thanks for your nice comments about Biggel...truly a lot of people esp. moms like you & me wish & hope the best for this young man. His good nature is a very refreshing sight to behold, esp. in today's generation. People like him should succeed and flourish.

  6. Maraming Salamat po sa inyong comments! I will try to post more about Biggel!He needs a push so we should all promote him, Pamu, Paco and Slater! Hope you guys can help Biggel and the rest form a loving community online! Good luck and keep smiling!

  7. Anonymous7:03 PM

    thank for liking biggel,maraming salamat at nakita mo ang katangian na nakita namin sa batang ito...isa syang ehemplo ng kabataang pinoy..

  8. Anonymous7:21 PM

    thank you very much... truly Biggel is an inspiration...

  9. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Wow! May gagawing movie si slater? Nakita ng papa ko si slater sa homecoming nya kaninang hapon ng di sinasadya . Gwapo daw talaga in person at professional ang dating. Natatawa lang ako kasi sabi nya parang ginawang santo daw ng mga babae si slater nagpapapic at kumiss kay slater. Pinagkakaguluhan talaga mas inuna pa ang idol kaysa magsimba. 

  10. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Thank you for the nice write-up, especially to Biggel, what you have said about him mirrored what we have seen on him. and i must say, he had lifted even the growing popularity of my homeland, the heart of the Philippines, my Marinduque. Pinagmalaki nya ang kanyang pinagmulan, ang kanyang wika, ang aming probinsiya, ang aming kaugalian. and i do hope you would write even more about Biggel and Marinduque. Thank you very much.

  11. Rachelle of California1:50 AM

    Joseph meets Josephine and vice versa. =D Your picture together with Biggel is adorable. Thanks for the wonderful write-up Ms. Josephine. The nice thing about each of the Big 4 is their distinct different personalities. I wish the Big 4 well most especially for Biggel. He has the passion to become a policeman and has great potentials in showbiz, but with a lil bit of polishing here and there he can be the Leonardo DiCaprio of the Philippines. ;)

  12. Me_Grad9:14 AM

    Ms. Josephine, I like your language game in this write-up! It is very evident that you made use of empathetic words. I could also deduce fair-mindedness in your description for each housemate. Thumbs up for a good write-up!
    I’m pleased with the emphasis on the good qualities of Pamu. To be hypercritical of her is unwarranted, for the sole reason that the television show PBB that she joined in is a showground of character/personality. To add, the show requires the participants to unveil their true identity. Pamu exhibited unpretentious character. Her being good-humored, sociable, and lovable made up a STRIKING personality that earned her a spot in the BIG 4 together with Slater, Biggel, and Paco.

    The Big 4 were pitted against each other on the primary criterion that is Personality. We should be enlightened that there is thin line dividing cognitive intelligence and personality. Individual differences in personality of Slater, Biggel, Paco, and Pamu had been into account in positioning them in their rightful spot in Big 4. The one with the MOST EXCEPTIONAL CHARACTER (each member is exceptional in his/her own right) secured the well-coveted spot, the big winner. I take my hat off to Slater!

    Pamu is a big winner for supporters, who have been captivated by her endearing character. Count me in! =)

  13. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Ms. Josephine, I'm happy that you are not regulating the comment section. You must be an advocate of freedom of expression. That's good!

  14. Thank you po! Sobrang grateful po ako sa inyong mga comments. Salamat po! I wrote on the perspective of a mom and a teacher in the public school. Hope these Big 4 get more support from you guys! Let's keep promoting them!


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