Event: Karylle's Roadtrip album turns Gold!

Never-ending flame of inspiration paid forward. Icons continue to soar and learn from experience like Karylle do not want to sit on her laurels. Singer-actress-host Karylle found reasons to smile lately. More than her  Best Actress nomination from the Monte Carlo Festivals for The Kitchen Musical and the Best Performance Bronze Medal and Best in Writing Gold Medal from New York Festivals is her self-produced Roadtrip album turned Gold. I joined in together with fellow bloggers and media friends witnessing the music video of her latest single from Roadtrip - I've Found My Smile Again yesterday at Centerstage Morato QC.
Third single after the upbeat OMG and sweet, sincere Basically, I've Found My Smile Again can now be downloaded at www.mymusicstore.com.ph, a one-stop mega-shop for all your music download needs. MyMusic Store now also has MyMusic Wallet, a prepaid card you can use to purchase songs through e-load sold at Load Central stores and dealers (denominations of Php100, 200, 300 and 500). A great way to support anti-piracy campaign and help promote OPM music, you can download Karylle's Roadtrip songs and the whole album at MyMusic Store.
It was my first time interviewing Karylle after attending events of The Kitchen Musical and it's a rare feeling of joy and gratitude expressing my admiration to my most favorite female Filipino celebrity. Like what I've told my students, Karylle personifies what I've seen in Lea Salonga years ago - infinite passion and commitment to improve skills and talent. Getting at anything always require the right attitude and Karylle like her younger sister Zia exudes humility despite fame and success in showbiz.
Smart and tactful, she did not want to announce that The Kitchen Musical will have another season although the network already did. She expressed her gratitude for the support and joy for winning in the New York Festivals. The Kitchen Musical also emerged as an intermedia-globe Gold Award winner at the 2012 World Media Festival, a global competition for modern media that honors and celebrates excellent solutions in Corporate Film, Television, Web and Print productions on an international scale.
I will forever recommend Karylle as the role model for attitude and success especially to my students who join competitions - hardworking, disciplined and modest. With or without make-up, Karylle is still the most beautiful female celebrity I will keep following. Beautiful, sexy, smart and modest inside out, Karylle deserve the smile and the success she keeps getting these days. Like what she said today, "Happiness is a choice and we have to make this a constant decision". Hats off to your mom and dad Karylle! I will not miss the opportunity to show my gratitude to you for the inspiration and to Carlo Vizcarra for the opportunity to have met you at CenterStage Morato, QC today. 
Download Karylle's Roadtrip album and more at www.mymusicstore.com.ph. We should stop music piracy and support our very own OPM!
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