Event: Bloggers Visit at Mundo Man ay Magunaw

Realities and drama shedding light to the ignored and lost. I've appreciated many people who watch ABS-CBN's Mundo Man ay Magunaw more after joining the Bloggers Set Visit at Mundo Man ay Magunaw at Marikina last Friday. Stars Eula Valdez, Empress Schuck, Ejay Falcon, Nikki Gil featuring the special roles of veteran actors Emilio Garcia, Sylvia Sanchez and Tessie Tomas, Mundo Man ay Magunaw, formerly a movie by Leroy Salvador in 1990, is a television drama on the story of three women whose fate intertwined with circumstances will soon be realized. I have not seen and watched this drama religiously because of my teaching schedule but I found it interesting why so many of my neighbors anticipate every episode.
Meeting Empress Schuck (playing Bianca La Peña/Sheryl San Juan) and Ejay Falcon (playing Dominiko "Niko" Poblador) was not what I've expected. She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to play a more "mature" role in Mundo Man ay Magunaw reflecting on how her image had changed from sweet to adult. Grateful also for the opportunity to show his best at acting was Ejay Falcon who was polite and friendly during our interview.
For the benefit of my students who anticipate this article, Ejay and Empress are dating with friends. Like what I've said to Empress, any mom (like me) wouldn't let a very beautiful girl lose her dreams over a wrong decision on infatuation. Empress was keen and submissive to the elders which I believe will make her one of the most respected young actresses in the country. 
Ms. Sylvia Sanchez, Emilio Garcia and Jayson Gainza joined in the fun interview although they had to rush for another scene shoot. It was fun meeting all the stars of Mundo Man ay Magunaw and it gave me more answers to share to my students who love watching drama and the stars of ABS-CBN
Will it be Sheryl (Empress) or Jenny (Nikki) with Niko (Ejay) at the end, or will it be a tragedy unexpected? Find out and keep watching Mundo Man ay Magunaw afternoons daily at ABS-CBN.
For more information, Mundo Man ay Magunaw is directed by Jeffrey R. Jeturian and Rechie A. Del Carmen. Opening theme song, "Hulog ng Langit" by Aiza Seguerra and end by Angeline Quinto


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    Kung si Bossing Vic may Pauleen Luna, ako naman gusto ko si Empress. Kaso hindi nga ako bassing at hindi rin ako gusto ni Empress. Goodbye cruel heart!


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