Event: Be lifted with Jollibee's new Chocolate and Coffee Floats!

I was lifted to the heavens despite my worries about income tax filing a day before my birthday at the bloggers' launch of Jollibee's Chocolate and Coffee Float. Adding more flavors from existing refreshing Jollibee's Red Watermelon Float and Blue Bubblegum Float are the Chocolate and Coffee Float.
Why not? The perfect comforting drink you'd crave after a delicious meal of Chicken and Mushroom Pasta with their Hash Brown Burger is a Coffee Float or a Chocolate Float. Some people prefer the Chocolate like my son who'd always pick drinks with chocolate and I prefer Coffee always after a great meal. Why not indulge on creamy vanilla soft serve and chocolate syrup on top of deliciously rich iced chocolate? It's sweet and rich in chocolate and it suits every child and the child at heart like me. What tax, forget paying tax and what discrepancy of tax? All these questions were thrown out of my mind after a sip of Jollibee's Chocolate Float available at Php45/solo and Php25 only when availing of a Jollibee Value Meal. 
The fun at the bloggers event hosted by our favorite RX DJ Chico Garcia started with a game of charades fellow blogger friends and I joined. Although I have forgotten the tax and confused my team mates drawing more like a slug which I intended to look like a rocket, surprisingly, we won! I was too happy that we won and wait! There's more! I also won P1K Jollibee GC in the raffle! They must've noticed that it's my birthday the following day so they made me win but for a 41 year-old woman who had never experienced a Jollibee Birthday Party, it was the happiest moment of the year. 
I've always been happy with Jollibee and they constantly provide foodies like me new delicious products to smile about. I have completely forgotten the income tax worry and although I know I still have to pay the income tax on my birthday, Jollibee lifted my spirits by giving me birthday presents of GC to share with my friends on my birthday. My comments on the new Jollibee Floats? Chocolate Float is great after that delicious Chicken Joy Meal. It would also be great after a Palabok Fiesta and their new Chicken and Mushroom Pasta. It's sweet and creamy and any child and child-at-heart will love a Chocolate Float. Coffee Float is my preferred Float compared to the Chocolate because I'm a coffee lover and I love the smooth iced coffee experience with rich vanilla soft serve and chocolate swirls. It reminded me of how Koreans make iced coffee when I was in college and I loved the blend of chocolatey swirls. 
Jollibee's Coffee Float is not a wake-up coffee experience but it's light, creamy and smooth enough to lift you on a hot summer day. Coffee lovers like me will always prefer this over the chocolate but who can resist any drink with vanilla soft serve and chocolate swirls? It's such a happy and inviting sight to see those chocolate swirls on top of the drink and the design of the cup is very Jollibee - Jolly Bee. I'm a happy bee myself because I love sweet food, sweet people and sweet nothings. 
As of the income tax, funny how low-income taxpayers like me worry and the billionaire tax evaders are indifferent but I've come clean and paid on my birthday. Jollibee gave me that lift not to worry and pay my obligations to the country without having that sour attitude. I suggest you all get a Jollibee Coffee or Chocolate Float before heading to the bank today to pay your taxes. It may actually help ease that stress.
Be happy with Jollibee's Chocolate and Coffee Float now available at all Jollibee stores nationwide .(Php45/solo, Php25/with value meals). You may also want to get a Happy Plus Card! It's a Cashless Payment Card with Rewards with participating establishments, Jollibee, Greenwich, Chowking, Red Ribbon and Mang Inasal. 
For online delivery, visit www.jollibeedelivery.com or simply call 8-700 Jollibee Delivery hotline.